What to do about this team ( Comments Please )

Well it seems Printers is right they are in need to about 4 or 5 players to be a good team . It is clear that it is the American content ...I would say 1 or 2 recivers. 1 or 2 d-lineman and 1 or 2 dbs' .

On defence :

Moreno is superb and D/amour has been good . I think they can afford to put Mariuz on the spot to free up an american spot elsewhere . the D line has no American content to speak of and we need 2 maybe 3 there . Mckay is a keeper and Waybe and Reid have looked good as Canadian spot starters.

The Defensive backfield is a mess . I think Cody needs to go back to halfback and get roberts out of there ..put karikarai back at safety . I think ANDERSON CAN BE A an ok corner but Gordon i am nt sure ..the other halfback position is a revolving door .

On Offence . i think the oline is ok now with Cherron and Hudson coming back and the emergence of Dyakowski
and Marceaux. The american content at reciever is poor..gardner seems to have potential but is always injured and Armstead is proven ...Curry and WALKER both need time to develop. I hope gardner can get in there soon . Bauamn needs to be a backup first. Give Mccants and Gardner a few games with Printers . Take ou Dickerson at fullback so we can use an extra american at reciever or D-line .

look the reality is all good football teams are solid down the middle. that is the key building blocks to any good team. finally we are rock solid down the middle from zeke to hage printers and jesse. we havent been able to say that in a long time. i believe we have the talent now we desperately need a system that is proven and the players can have some confidence in.

Good point newworldorder . I just hope Moreno and Lumsden choose to stay in the CFL . Hamilton's young Canadian talent is likely the bets in the league but their americasn talent is by far the worst . Moreno, D'amour, Printers, Cody and Armstead are likely the only Americans that could start on an onother cfl team . The other americans are either garbage or average players learning on the job in a bad situation. I hope they bring in some decent americans on the d-line , db's and recievers or printers is going to want out real soon .

This may sound strange but......if and when we are mathematically eliminated, keep Lumsden, Moreno, McKay-Loescher, Setta and Printers on the sidelines to help with the coaching staff as we bring our #2 guys at each position along so we go into camp next year with a better understanding of where we stand.....it would be a tragedy if any of these guys I mentioned at the top of the post get a serious injury for nothing....these 5 guys are our potential leaders going forward so they'd be better utilized acting as teachers for the rest of the gang on the depth chart.....until spring camp of course....

it's just a thought is all....don't nag at me ok?......that's my girlfriend's job!.....lmao!


mikey....if you really want to lose some of your fan base, that'd be how you'd go about doing it.
That might be a decent way of approaching things...but this is a business. If I'm paying good money for season tickets or even just single game tickets...I want to see the best players.
Resting guys for the playoffs is alright...but just to run a training camp of sorts during the regular season? I'd be demanding my money back.

Your point you just made was also rolling around in my head as I was typing......I kind of expected that argument....and it's a valid one too.....

......it's a double-edged sword for sure

I tend to agree, Mikey. I'd rather lose the remaining games by 30 points, not 60.

gerbear9, I pretty much agree with your suggestions to upgrade the talent level. I'd only differ from you regarding the secondary. IMO, Cody is the only keeper. The rest are just so-so players, fillers at best. I'm hoping DBs and especially corner backs are enroute from NFL camps as we 'speak'. They were beaten and beaten badly on Saturday. A stud DT would be great too. As you point out, the receivers are not very good. None of the Americans is a go-to guy (yet?) and Brock who is the best Canadian is not an elite guy either. Neither Maas nor Chang were helped by this receiving corps.

I'd say they need at least 5 positions upgraded. Fortunately, they upgraded at the key position, QB. :slight_smile:

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Geez slodrive2...could you be more of a pessimist?!?
We've got Jebus...er..I mean Casey, taking the snaps now! We'll be winning by 60!
Ahh the Mighty Casey...I think after he plays a few games Bob Young will be trying to figure out how they can add more seats to Ivor Wynne.

to get the full potential out of printers we need a decent creative o/c and a full there time qb coach. once we are stable we can if used properly we can look to where we need a talent upgrade.

Agreed. We have a solid core of good players on both sides of the ball but to me its the OC and DC that need upgrading the most. I'm not sure we have been getting the best out of the players we have(had). Williams is a classic example of whats been overlooked. Chang is an example of the opposite. Both these situations should not have been allowed to exist.Thats a coaching problem.

i agree we are very solid down the middle,we have great young canadian talant on the oline,recievers,dline and i like marioz at linebacker.hope we find a good canadian safety like hitchcock soon.american talant in secondary needs big upgrade and american d line talant upgrade needed.maybe another good american wideout free agent nxt year geroy simon would do lol i wish.

I'm enjoying your observations!

I've said it before: "We need some 'guest coaches' in this year to assess what we do have and make some plans for 2008."

And based on Sunday's game, we should maybe offer them OC or DC jobs...

with george hudson back and dyakowski in for jerome davis our o-line looked a bit better

make caulley the 2nd string running back he has looked fantastic so far

work jason armstead into the offence

get some DB's that can cover

get a good DT and our d-line doesnt look that bad

rebuild the secondary and get a good DT would be the top 2 priorities in my opinion

next would be to get a good o-lineman and then a good reciever

add printers to that and ''Voila'' !

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love to see burratto and casey reunited.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: you guys desperately need a dependable possession receiver. The type who can run the right pattern and pick up the first down on second and long. The guy you turn to when the offense needs a spark. Armstead is a deep threat and can disappear for significant stretches of time, he's not the answer. You get that possession receiver and suddenly your QB is feeling better because he has a safety valve on his checkdown list.

Also, Brock Ralph is severely overrated. This guy has speed and that's about it. He is weak as water, never fights for YAC, and never helps his QB out by finding the soft spot in the zone and settling down for the catch. I wouldn't be building my receiving corps around him if I were Taaffe.

^^^ I think you're right about a possession receiver.

I wonder if French is emerging as one. He had some great chemistry with Williams last game.

Sadly, I'm slowly seeing a re-incarnation of Yeast when I watch Rlaph play. I hope I'm wrong. I agree with your assessment of him. I hope that changes.

Right now, I'm beginning to think our young talent is in desperate need of assistant coaches with CFL experience.

I think French's heart is in the right place but he doesn't have the skill and savvy to get open consistently. He is a fourth receiver on most teams. In the offseason, hopefully Desjardins can strengthen the receiving corps, now that you have a legitimate quarterback.