What To Do About Dobson Collins?

He worries me a bit because some nights he can do pretty well and then he has games like against Winnipeg where he drops some balls and then gets a bad penalty. Does anyone think the Lions will give him more time to grow or will they pull the plug and put Paris or another reciever in for him?

My guess is they'll give Steven Black another chance. No way P.Jackson is taking his place, he's done.

From what I saw of Black I thought he was a real good receiver. He handled himself well under game conditions and often made some spectacular catches. I would like to know why he's not playing and Collins is. Maybe someone can shed some light on this.

I've no idea what Collins' problem is but you just can't drop that many catchable balls and hope to make it in the CFL. You not only hurt your own career chances but you really let a lot of guys down on the team.

Obviously the coaches think he has got what it takes. A lot of guys don't make the cut after the exhibition games. Collins did but man 'o man I hope he improves real quick like.

Lets put some sticky tape on his fingers :lol:

Seriously though what is going on with this team? I have never seen so many problems all at the same time. One game Lulay is bang on with his passes yet the receivers can't catch. Then the next game his passes are either over/under thrown. It is very fustrating watching this and knowing that the lions have to other qb's and yet Wally doesnt play them.

Also what is wrong with Paris Jackson? is he sick or injured or if he has lost Wally's faith then trade him for some help.

I'm guessing his knee is still not up to snuff and/or hasn't been able to show ability to participate fully in practice because of that. Might be one of those chronic issues that just can't be fixed by other than leaving the joint alone for a while, which means he might be done.