What Time is the game on Saskatchewanians?

What time is the local time that the game will start at?

When can I go to TSN and start watching the game?

What time in Regina do the Riders begin to Play BC?

What time is the game on?

You get the idea. I have to work until ten and I can never figure out which damn time zone the webpage is using. Eastern I guess. Either way I always get the time wrong. . .

8:30pm Regina time on TSN after the Toronto and Montreal game.

You're not alone in missing the game Thryllin, I work 7pm to 7 am, won't even know if they won or not until about 7 30 Friday morning :frowning:

Got a cell phone? I'll text ya!! :lol:

With any luck the Wpg-Ham game will run late and, despite the 47 point differential, TSN will hang in to the bitter end, causing us to miss half the first quarter, and when they finally switch over it'll be 21-3 for BC and Joeseph and Dominguez will both be getting hauled off on carts after a freak full-speed collision on a botched double reverse on second and 20 from their own 15....

Can you tell I'm a long-time Rider fan?

Call it a hunch, but does Thryllin know which time zone to click....?

We have a name for it, Artie.
It’s called Rideritis…

I can only lead him so far.....

Just to clarify, the cfl.ca site shows the kickoff time. If there is a pre-game show (in this case, there won't be because it is the second of a doubleheader, as noted above), it starts 1/2 hour before the kickoff time.

I don't believe it! Artie, you may not have got the details wrong but you got the results right! The Rider game is delayed because TO & MTL are tied after regulation time ... it will be the 2nd quarter before the Rider game is on. But it ain't TSN's fault - they ought to be showing an overtime, even if it cuts into a Riders game, I must admit.

Some things you just sense. 'Course I got the teams playing tonight mixed up with tomorrow, and thankfully I got the game result in BC wrong too. There were mistakes, but a win’s a win.

Mistakes like that - particularly the second one - I can live with :rockin:

Actually, it is TSN's fault.
How tough is it to just delay the kick-off 10 minutes or maybe schedule games with a half hour between?

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the CFL schedules the games and not TSN

I actually forgot my phone at home, coulda browsed the web on it to check the score during my breaks.

At worst it is a cooperative effort involving all 8 teams, the league and the two broadcasters.
Each team requests dates and start times they would like, the broadcasters make certain demands and so forth.
And kick-offs have been delayed in the past if the broadcaster allows/asks for such a delay.
They can fix the problem if they want to....

Maybe Danny Mac had a plane to catch.

OOOhhh OOhh. I know this one. Mountain.

Great post Ro. You are becoming the who's who of CFL forums. (what I mean by that I am not sure but it sounds respectful. )