What time is it?

Time to Shine guys. Tough season for coach,players and fans alike. None of it matters now.

I wish the Alouettes a strong finish. Come out as a team! Stay concentrated on your assignments, play within your abilities. Talk to each other, trust in the men by your side. Play with agression, passion and attitude.

As a fan that is all I can ask for.

Take your place ! Go Als Go !

I agree. I'll be there Saturday cheering on the Larks. Go Als Go!

BRAVO HfxTC! You said what we were all thinking..THANKS.

It's so much more than a cup or a ring! Focus on the journey, and not the destination.I want to see a QB try to kick a field goal in the last few seconds of double overtime, again! Can we see a kicker pass the ball...just once! 8)