What Tiger Cat player did you love to hate?

At the back-end of a recent thread it started to get a little off topic (very rare indeed)
But it was a topic that interested me.

Who is your least favorite player past or present who who was a starter for the Cats and you could not figure out why?
Somebody who just drove you nuts?

I will start the bash with the one and only Jamie Boreham.
Tough guy/nice guy (with an ugly foot), but was asked to do a job that he was not cut out to do as a pro FG kicker.

ill name just a couple of players i hated.

kojo Aidoo
Anthony Davis
Tad Kornegay

Craig Yeast and Wayne Shaw are two whose play I could not stand.

I don't hate them. I hate the way they play football.




Steve Jackson
Gerald Bess
Ralph Scholz

Hmm all you guys have a yeast problem...go get it checked.

And my player would be MAAS

I don't really take any pleasure out of what I'm about to say, however, Dondre Gilliam on punt and kickoff coverage and Wayne Shaw playing safety are some of the more recent "unpleasant" players i've watched in the black and gold.

Adriano Belli
Damon Allen
Julian Radlein

At least Allen and Radlein seem like classy guys even though they made me grind my teeth when they played for the cats. Belli on the other hand...

Quick edit:
I forgot to mention Brock Ralph. Seems like an OK guy, but his play drove me nuts even more than Maas over the last couple of years.

Gerald Bess

Lee Saltz (sp)

Jontra Woodard

Wayne Shaw

Charles Thomas

Sandy Beveridge

I was excited when we first signed him but he was on the fast track to Yeastdom with his speedy, chicken-like play. Steve Stapler reminded me of that style too. Fast as lightning, but would only catch when wide open.

I think we have this discussion every week about the current players. Do we need to rehash and rebash players who are no longer here?

Craig Yeast would be a great asset to us now. Say what you want about him but he was a thousand yard receiver and a player maker. Someone said earlier in the season that we need a guy who takes the short pass over the middle and takes it to the house like Arland Bruce does; well that was Yeast's signature. He never should've been cut. I know, the "where is he now" crowd will come out. Bottom line is he performed for us.

Mike O'shea, of course. Although I never disliked him as a Ticat. He was my favourite when he joined the team but I booed him as an Argo. Although, when he returned for one season I cheered him on because love him or hate him, he was a great player.

I will have to say...

Wayne Shaw
Jason Maas
Kamau "Frying Pan Hands" Peterson lol
Chris "The Cry Baby" Brazzell
And Last But Not Least!... JASON MAAS!... Oh I already said that?

My Mother's all time Non-Favourite... Anthony Calvillo!

Henley when I was a kid becvause he was so damn good.

Brock Ralph more recently because he represents all that's wrong with the non-import/import rule. And for the record, I support the rule.

An Argo-Cat fan

I can't even remember why at this point, but I never much liked it when Todd Dillon saw time at QB.

History probably proves you right, but it makes me chuckle to hear someone say this because I remember I had hoped Dillon would get the start in the '89 Grey Cup. :smiley:

How could anyone (even in jest) suggest that he hated the great Garney?

Probably the greatest natural athlete to play in the CFL - ever! He wasn't the fastest man on the field, but, ohhh, could he deek people out; Garney could change directions at full speed. And a 2-way player to boot.

If you ever want to read a terrific sport biography, dig out his biography "A Gentleman and a Tiger" by Robert Neilsen.

(My first post!)

Marcus Brady
Khari Jones
Kevin Eakin

And everybody else labeled "The future" from the peanut gallery.

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