What ticks me off the most about tsn2

it took away our alternate feed for overlaps. grrr


its 4:00 pm pst, time for CFL pregame. To hell with golf.

Thank god for Bob Irving and CJOB, interviewing Neil Lumsden right now.

its a good thing for both myself and somebody at TSN that I dont live in toronto area, cause I would get myself into serious trouble over this crap.

If you really take a look at when the main network advertises TSN2, they have ALL sports, golf, tennis, soccer, wrestling, NHL, MLB, NBA, NFL or CFL as sports they will show on the network. Do not be surprised is any or all leagues show up on the channel. It was inevitability that a network like this one went on the air, especially in Canada.

I wouldnt care that there was tsn2 if it hadnt replaced the alternate channel. I get it anyhow, without paying extra, although for some reason I dont got sound.