What this team needs!!!!!

What this team needs to turn it around besides a capable QB is a owner who wont stand for crap. I heard David Brailey a Hamiltonian and owner of the B.C. Lions was interested in buying a percentage of team from Bob Young selling the Lions and concentrating on his local business interests and the Ti-Cats.

I for one believe that would be a great move, because David wouldn't put up with the current crap going on, he would buy us a top flight QB and make sure the team performed on the field. Let Bob take care of the business, marketing and P.R. and let David take care of team, could be a winning combination!!!

Bob Young is doing a fine job. He saved this team. Never forget that.

Bob Young has saved the team from finacial difficulty but he has done nothing for the quality of the game. He has brought in alot more fans to the game but not the fans that get loud and roudy for a team. During the Labour Day game i sat next to fans that covered their ears because I was cheering to loud for the team that I love and want to win. The team is making money but at the price of the pride and spirit of the black and gold.gold