What THEY want us to SAY!!

Wow, since my post last night was deleted from this forum for "Telling the Truth", I think I tackle it a different way.

  1. I love that Ivor Wynne is such a fun and entertaining place to watch a game now!! You know the jet planes, the card game, the announcer, the MaC cheerleaders...what a great way to spend a saturday night!

  2. I love what GM Desjardins has done this year. Way to bring in great players!!! This guy is sooo much better than Ron Lancaster! HE felt our pain, came in and got us a bunch of superstars!

  3. Jason Maas. Wow! What else can I say but how good is THIS guy???

  4. Did you see how AWESOME our offensive line played????

  5. What about our defense? WOW is all I gotta say!

  6. I love that my season tickets actually went up this year!

  7. I love that new slogan "HAMMER TIME" especially when we're losing by a 20 point margin. Cuz that's the perfect time to start playing that.

8) I love the announcer guy. He is always saying things at the right time!
  1. Oh wow, I almost forgot! What about the most entertaining thing! The ten times that Leslie comes on the field yapping to a guy who throws a football through a hole! Now that's entertainment!

  2. I love the guys on stilts shooting hotdogs at everyone. Highlight of the night for sure!

  3. I love that we don't have a "Pigskin" and that the organization has left the oskee wee wee to the fans. Because we really feel motivated to do that during a game like last night!!

  4. But most of all...I love that we can't compete with the other seven teams for the past seven years. It's such a great feeling to watch something you love...get beat down and humiliated on the field game after game after game.

Is this post more what TiCats.ca would like to see?
I got all day.

Captain Sarcasm


I'm surprised there are any positive comments in this forum.

This franchise has been in a horrible state of disrepair for quite some time, and the Ti-Cat brand is now synonymous with happlessness and utter incompetence.

5-13, 4-14 and all signs point to yet another four- or five-win season (to say nothing of 1 -17 & 2-16 disaster of recent memory).

What are we supposed to say?

ArgosStink that is brilliant. I say we clog this site up with our outrage until they have to shut it down. This team has been dreadful for too many years.

This is like watching high schoolers play against men. I’m glad we have them but this is pathetic.

I Couldn't of put it better myself ArgosStink, all your points were the Reason I gave up me season tickets I just couldn't take the joy & excitement any longer

wow...those are the positive reasons i wont be going to any more ticat games this year....cuz they're SOOOOOOOOO exciting...hahaha

Setting: the Ticats stoveless player's lounge

Charlie: I am fed up.

Why waste of time teaching these birds.

Bring out the nuke, Luke

How many seconds do I set it at? 20? okay!

Hmmm...now wait a second? I got it.

I will just nuke these birds on game day
and they'll be hot, fresh and fully cooked

and ready to step on the field to beat Montreal.

Practice is cancelled this week, fellas.

Go on home and play video games.

Don't eat to much pizza.

wat was ur post last night?