What They Need To Improve

So The cats go 0-2 to start the season I dont know about you but im getting pretty used to this and Im getting pretty sick of it as well. The main area to where the ticats need to improve on is head coaching. In 2 years and 2 games Marshall's record is 14-23-1.Ticat fans were calling for Marshall to be fired last year and nothing happned and the fact that upper management decided to ignore the fans and keep him as the teams head coach pretty much shows you the true colors of the black and gold. Dont get me wrong, Bob Young saved this team by buying them a few years ago but I personally think that its time for Mr.Young to turn off his computer and focus on this team not for the money but for the fans that have been and watch the games for years. Do you honestly think Mr.Young cares whether this team is winning or lossing? Of course he doesn't he makes money either way. There was over 28,000 fans at the Montreal Hamilton game on Friday night and in my opinion there was over 28,000 fans that should have recieved a refund plus more for having wasted there night at Ivor Wynne. The only thing that would piss Bob Young off as much as the ticat fans are is if hes computer didn't start. Now you might be thinking calm down its only 2 games into the season but thats 2 more games then Greg Marshall should have had as head coach of this football team. With the amount of talent brought in from players like Jason Maas, Josh Ranek, Corey Holmes and Terry Vaughn just to name a few the ticats should be a 2-0 team. A team can only play good if the coach of the team is working with them and helping them achieve better, which I believe is not comming from Coach Marshall. Its time for Bob Young to stop downloading a program and remember he owns a football team a football team whos fans are past the stage of being ticked off by the lack of preformance and it starts with the Coaching staff and at the top of the coaching staff is Greg Marshall. Joe Paopao would bring experience to the Tiger cats as the head coach and I think its time for the ticats to get Joe in there to take over the team. My last point is short and its on the defence. The Tiger cat secondary was burned yet again on Friday night which seems to be a trend. I believe that Wayne Shaw should be moved from safety to corner a postion to where he has played in the past. Doing this will allow hard hitting Scott Gordon to move into the Safety Position. With Gordon playing safety it will make Recievers think twice about going into the middle of the field.

Awesome! Ad hominem attacks against the owner, EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED! WHY HASN'T ANYONE DONE THIS SOONER!!!!111!1!

Wow. Just wow.

Imagine if every team in league had knee jerk reactions everytime they lose 2 games?


I didn't waste my time. Sure I'm disappointed they lost, but I had a great time at the game as usual. I went with my sons, friends and sister-in-law and her 9 year old son from Pittsburgh. We all had a great time.

...he owns a football team a football team whos fans are past the stage of being ticked off by the lack of preformance ...
It's quite arrogant to think that you speak for the fans. You certainly don't speak for me. I'm not ticked off in the least.

Bob Young is the only reason there is a Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football franchise. You just remember that before you start trashing him.

And to further your point, it's neevr been more fun to go to a Ti-Cat game as it has since Bob Young took over.

Bob Young is the best thing that could have happened to this franchise. I support him all the way. He's surrounded himself with top notch people and I'm sure they'll make the right calls re: the team.

I do agree that the defence has been weak. They have not improved at all. I've never seen so many receivers so wide open as I have in the last two years. Maybe coach Marshall has got to evaluate Kavis Reed as a defensive co. Sometimes tough decisions have to be made to become successful. :cowboy:

What's the love affair with Joe P. for head coach. Didn't do so well in Ottawa

I agree with most of your points. Unless this team wins soon the pressure building in that change room will be unbelievable given the recent history of slow starts for the team. Here are some of the changes I would make

  1. Brooks starts
  2. Gordon starts
  3. Bradley starts
  4. Holmes is the starting running back
  5. Close look at half time changes

Hit the nail on the head, there. Lots of people want change for the sake of change, or don't have a good grasp of history.

I can understand "venting", and have used this Forum once or twice to that end myself, with no apologies.

Canuckfan apparantly cannot stand still for two consecutive losses to Divisional teams far higher ranked than the Cats.

Good things will eventually happen, without a change of the head coach, even if he is getting his comeuppance in the process..

Fire a coach in charge of Offense, Defence, ST, lines or whatever, and you will NOT be getting much better very quickly...

For me it is not that they lost. It is they didnot play the full game full out.It is not always about loosing or winning but always about playing hard for the full game . And you could try and ajust at 12 time