What the ....

What was with that peanalty? I'am talking about the missed field goal by Congi. The ref threw the flag at the ball before Aboi-Mechrik got their and then they called a peanalty on Abou-Mechrik. It was as if he was trying to call no yards and then realized he was wrong and just made something up to not look stupid.

I thought the same thing. Didn't they call him for unnecessary roughness or something? :roll:

Thank you Riders.... awesome job oon the Blue team... woohoo

I have never seen a team in pro sports get more favorable calls or more Johny on the spot pics, fumble recoveries etc. than the Riders. Man do they have a horse shoe up their arsses this year!

They will for sure win the cup.

They are looking like the best team in the league to me.

Dude your team is in 4th. Shut up lol

I think it was a good call on Abou-Mechrik, but it did happen after the fumble, and I have no idea what the initial flag was for, or if it was a mistake.

Holy crap, an EE sighting after a loss!

I’m sure the ref threw the flag initially for no yards. After conferring with the other officials, rightfully, they waived the no yards. The penalty to Abou-Mechrik should have been called.

I have no idea how he felt that was no yards, the closest player was nearly 15 yards away.

Correct me if I'm wrong as I was half watching while I cleaned up, but didn't they eventually call the penalty against 67? And if I remember correctly, he hit the ground after the flag was thrown.

Another case of the refs screwing up and rather than admit to a mistake, cover their butts!!
The flag clearly comes out before the play was over.
So that means it was not a dead ball foul.
If the penalty was against the Riders, it should have been Toronto's ball.
Not a very important play though.
It only arguably cost TO the game.

It did not cost the Argos the game because the flag they called was against SSK!

Yeah it was a late hit roughing call on Abou-Mechrek, nothing to do with the actual fumble or recovery.

That is the point, Dust.
The flag came out LONG before Abou-Mechrek did anything.
But even if it was on him, if the rough play occurs before the whistle, it is not a dead ball foul.
TO cannot lose possession of the ball in that case.

See my response to Dust.

And maybe we need video.
10, maybe 15 minutes?

Yes they can!
If Toronto were to fumble the ball on SSK’s 10 yard line, SSK picks it up and returns it to the Tor 10. Now if SSK was called for UR while they were running it back at mid field, Toronto would not get the ball back at SSK’s 10 yard line. The penality would be applied from the 55, That is what happened here.

Actually, the same kind of thought went through my mind (about the pics and fumbles, not the penalties), BUT I also have many, many years of following my beloved Riders where I thought the ball rarely bounced our way. As far as I am concerned, this is the law of averages finally swinging in our favour. I'll gladly take it.

But there is also the saying that "Lady Luck favours those who seek her out". The Riders are also doing their part to help her help them by being active, quick and in constant motion.

I guess he never heard of the "Argo bounce!"