What The.......

Did Thelwell just sign with the Stamps. Apparently it is being reported so on The Score.

It is true! sorry piggy but Taman is a sleep at the wheel again. Now would that Canadian receiver look good in blue and gold NOT!

As much as I hate to admit it Red, Taman should have ponied up to the trough for Thelwell.

Piggy your team needs two more reliable receivers to get to the promised land. He really did let the bomberfans down on this.
The Lions offered him 85,000 and the Stamps got him for 90,000 I believe that is what I am hearing on the gostampsgo

no it was 115,000 for 1 Year

There is still plenty of time Red, free agency and NFL cuts are yet to come, we will have to see what gems Brenda can unearth.

Sportsnet stated that but it is being reported at 90,000

Yes he will be searching grave yards ha ha ha

I've heard it was 115,000 as well.

I thought free agency hadn't started and only Hamilton was talking to Thelwell.

Sounds like Hamilton snoozed .

Maybe its 90,000 and a personal services contract
for the other 15,000. LOL

Just kidding Ro!!!

115,000-90,000 = 25,000 you idiot not 15,000.

Thanks for fixing that up for me Einstein.

Now now do not have to make it personal. He made a mistake big deal. Reports are 90,000 but until the offical announcement who knows.

Like water off a ducks back, red The mistake
does prove i need a day off…tomorrow cant
come soon enough.

Can someone put a period after red for me. LOL

Watch it Eskylo drumtick will get after you. Next time cut and paste. :lol:

Sounds like you heard wrong! lol

Forget about an official announcement ... "as per club policy, terms of the contract were not disclosed."

Great signing though, I'm really psyched to see him in Calgary. But the house seems a little crowded. Lewis, Cope, Boe, Thurmon, Rambo, and now Thelwell? Not to mention guys like Brett Ralph, Markus Howell and Ron Johnson ...