What the TiCats mean to us.

Here is the first post I ever made on TiCats.ca. At the time, there was talk of becoming the Milton TiCats. Hahahaha. Funny stuff in hindsight.

That account got locked after my Three Jerks and A Squirt thread. Then I made another account. Al3xander it was. That lasted about 20 posts before the lock came down again.

Meet A1exander. Citizen of the Game July 16th 2011. My third account. Yes I am in direct violation of forum rules but I'm not worried. Report me and I'll simply make another account. I might call myself @13x@nd3r this time. Who knows? Clever aren't I?

It's times like these I think back on my first post here and what it meant. What it still means. I feel sorry for people that only enjoy the football. Or only dislike it in some cases. For me, I learned a long time ago that it isn't the Football I love. I love how the Cats have brought me closer to my wife and kids. I joked with @AvonCobourne about the outcry in America over 40000 at a WVU game. I hope I live to see the day 40000 people fill Ivor Wynne. My wife and I have sat in crowds of 15000.

Lucky for me it wasn't just the football I came for. Without further adieu,:

My dad told me when I was a baby that I'm a TiCats fan, and I believed him.

The TiCats have always been my Dads team, which is odd considering he is from Montreal. He has lived in Nova Scotia most of his life. I grew up on the military base in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (Dad was in the Navy) but have lived in Hamilton for the last 20 years. When I left home at 19 to find work, I decided I to move here because of the TiCats.

While Dad and I often bumped heads and rarely saw eye to eye, we would often talk at length about our beloved Cats. We watched all the games we could together. They were great times and Dad sure knows alot about football. When Dad talked about the Cats or the CFL I'd hang on every word. I sometimes wonder if we didn't have those games together if we'd have spent any time together at all. The TigerCats gave us a common ground upon which we built a strong foundation and strengthened our bond.

Fast forward 25 years. Let me set the scene.

Its Friday August 20th 2010. The TiCats are playing an important game tonight against an arch rival in hostile territory.

My wife (Tammy) is busy preparing snacks for the game. She is decked out in all her TiCats gear, including her TiCats cowboy hat. She knows how important this game is so she's "pulling out all the stops", she says. She loves the TiCats, but it wasn't always so. When we met, she stated she doesn't like football. I looked at her confused, like I didn't understand the words she had just spoken.

My daughter (Tori), who is 10 and a junior TiCat cheerleader, is decked out in her cheer uniform, pom poms and all, anxiously awaiting kickoff. Her friends think she's weird. She loves football and opted out of a sleepover party because she didnt want to miss this game. She loves to talk about the TiCats, and seems to hang on my every word....

My 17 year old son (Tanner) is walking around in his gold Lumsden jersey. When his girlfriend arrives, he insists she change into one of his TiCats t-shirts. He's worried she'll jinx us if she doesn't. She complies with his request. She states she doesn't like football. Tanner seems confused by what she's said, like he doesn't understand the words. His friends think he's weird. He opted out of god knows how many parties because he didn't want to miss this game. Instead of running the streets on a Friday night, exposed to drugs and booze and peer pressures, he'd rather stay home and talk to his Dad about the TiCats. He seems to hang on my every word...

As the game ends, the noise level is deafening. We are cheering, clapping and high fiving each other. "Winning that game was better than Christmas", Tori exclaims, and I think she means it. Two days later, Tanners girlfriend remarks how much fun it was to watch the game with us, and how tense and exciting it was. She says her heart was pounding at the end. She asks me if she can come with us to the Sept. 11th game that Tori is cheering in. I smile and call my ticket rep.

The TiCats aren't just a football team to us.


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Thanks for sharing your story, Alexander.

You sound like a diehard who sticks with the team through thick and thin.

I grew up within earshot of the crowd noise coming from the stadium
and went to Price of Wales school across the street from the stadium.

Once I got inside to see a game and feel the emotions
being generated by the play on the field I was hooked.


Unfortunately, some fans are not diehards like you
or I, who stick with the team through thick and thin.

They say they love the Ticats but if they aren't winning, look out!

What's that all about? Arrogance? A sense of entitlement?

In my opinion, the love of the Ticats has to be

in your blood, a part of you at ALL times.

Thanks Ron. Thanks for getting it.

It does seem like the fair-weather fans have a sense of entitlement. Too bad they can't see the forest for the trees.

Alexander, this post hit home with me. I grew up a Ticat fan and I'm proud to say that it's in my blood. My wife is a former Ticat cheerleader and now that I have kids they're fans as well. This summer, I took my kids to a practice for the first time and since then they have asked me to take them back. While at this practice, Stevie Baggs came over and gave my kids his wrist bands. To say that this made their day is an understatement. They wore those wrist bands for the longest time. This is more than just a football team to me.Going to games, practices and wearing my team's colors brings so much joy to me and my family. It's a way to bond with friends and family. I'm proud to say that I'm a Ticat fan and whether they win or lose, I will always be a fan. Alexander thank you for writing this post and sharing your feelings. It's nice to know that there are people who are passionate about this team and they will never quit when times are bleak.

Thanks for posting that Alexander,

Your words almost brought a tears to my eyes.

For as long as I can remember, I can remember my Dad taking me to Ticats games, and looking back, how special those times were as a child, an adolescent, and now as a grown man. There is still nothing more special than going to a Ticats game with my family. Through thick and thin, sellout crowds, or nights in 03' with a 1-17 record and nights where we struggled to get 14000 in Ivor Wynne, I lived and breathed the Ticats. One of the fondest memories of my childhood was watching the Ticats hoist the cup in 99', definately a very special time in my life.

I moved half way accross the continent when I was 18 to persue a football scholarship, but more importantly an education. It was very tough emotionally on me that first year (it's still tough) to be away from my family. What bothered me even more during the fall was that I couldn't go to Ticats games with my family, I was a mess because I couldn't go to Ticat's games when I wanted anymore, and living stateside, I was hard pressed to find any real CFL coverage on TV :x .

I now hang my hat in Saskatoon, and commute to North Dakota once a month to work as a consultant geologist for a small "mom and pop" oil company. I have a great life out here, but there is something always missing, and thats regular trips to Ivor Wynne to catch my beloved Ticats, through thick and thin, big crowds, small crowds, blistering heat, or the cold. There is an emptiness in my life, and that's not being able to visit Ivor Wynne on a regular basis :cry:

I have this obsession with my team, my Girlfriend thinks I'm weird, and a lot of people cannot understand how I can be such a hard core fan. I took a trip home this summer, bought 14 tickets in Box H to the Aug 13 game against the wrecks, and took a Hummer Limo to the game with my family. It was one of the best days of my life, simply because I flew from Saskatoon to catch my Ticats lay a smackdown on the arg nos and that I could share the moment with the people I love the most :smiley: .

The Ticats represent a blue collar community, and I am proud to say, even though I was raised in Cambridge, that I was born at McMaster Hospital, in Hamilton, and that my dad, and his dad, and a lot of my uncles were ticats fans and made their living at Stelco and Dofasco. I am loud and proud about my Ticats, the city of Hamilton and wherever I am, I am wearing my ticats hat (or touque) and hoodie, or t-shirt to show that world that Hamilton and my Ticats are where its at. It makes me proud that I can be apart of the Hamilton Ticats tribe and I am proud to let the world know what that special blue collar community means to me.

OK, thats enough for now haha :lol:

Oskie Wa Wa

Thanks for the kind words. I was glad to read Ron's, Moscamanias and K/P's stories. I like to know there are others who understand that win or lose, I am grateful to have a team at all. This doesn't mean I like staring at my shoes when I walk out of Ivor Wynne wishing we had won (and believe me, just like you I've done that too many times to count) but through thick and thin I keep going. That's the least I can do for all the Cats have given me. And besides, I love football.

That being said K/P's story made me a little sad. It nearly brought a tear to my eye. I remembered what it was like to not be able to go to games. I spent the first 19 years as a fan in another province. I remember how excited I was the first game I saw live. Now I take that for granted.

Fans like CFIO, Zenstate, and K/P (and many others I haven't mentioned) only get to watch on TV. Sorry boys. I will always have a seat at my tailgate saved for you should you ever find your way back home.

Oskee Wee Wee.

Very nice post A1exander. A true football family indeed.

I must say that love of the TiCats does not preclude critical posts when they are losing. In fact, critical posts also show a love and concern for the team, even is it is just venting. I have posted both praiseworthy and critical posts, and I am a fan. The danger lies in apathy, when nobody is bothering to post at all. Then we are all in trouble.

Everybody on these forums is a fan if they keep talking about the Tiger-Cats.

Go Cats Go!

I was one of those fans once. Had seasons tickets, travelled far and wide watching games. We had pretty good teams and good defenses. Things changed, new management several times, poor performances on field, a few winning years scattered about. I got fed up with mediocracy and attend a lot less games now. Tickets are not cheap, i like to get a bang for my buck so I look at all alternatives now.