What the riders need

I totally think That we should put someone new in - Bell or the new kid we got (harrell) his collage stats are frickn crazy . His best year doubles the numbers of durrants best year5700 yrds passing and 43 tds WOW. I know everyone thinks that he's new and he hasnt had a real snap yet. But really what are we gonna do? leave durrant in !!! we will finish way out of the playoffs if that happens. Yeah durrant had the lucky streak of 6 wins in a row last year, but you have to remember durrant was nothing before he got his first chance! he was 3rd string and got bumped up because jyles had nothing!. Durrant just came in at the right time and needed to perform and thats what he did do and he did a good job of it while it lasted but that was until he got hurt. After that he never was the same and thats when all the ints started to happen. Sure durrant does do some good things with the ball but he also screws up way more than he does good. I havn't seen so many 3 and outs as i have this season and its sick. Give the new guys a chance i hear this harrell kids is crazy good! who knows he could be the next flutie. something has to be done!!!!!!

Graham Harrell #6 QB
Stats Overview Passing
2005 37 55 422 67.3 7.67 44 3 0 2 149.73
2006 412 616 4555 66.9 7.39 76 38 11 19 145.78
2007 512 713 5705 71.8 8.00 75 48 14 16 157.31
2008 442 626 5111 70.6 8.17 82 45 9 14 160.04


Darian Durant #4

collage stats

Statistics Att Comp Pct Yds TD Int Rating Att Yds Avg TD
2004 299 178 59.5 2,238 17 9 135.1 81 188 2.3 1
2003 389 234 60.2 2,551 18 10 125.4 91 396 4.4 6
2002 248 147 59.3 2,123 16 9 145.2 88 159 1.8 2
2001 237 149 62.9 1,919 17 11 145.3 60 116 1.9 2

harrell 5700yrd pass 48tds his best year
Durant 2551yrd pass 18Tds his best year

like serious guys who looks to have more potential to you i think its harrell by a land slide!!!
Dont' you?

harrell 2nd year in collage football
he was still way better then durrants best year
4555 yrd pass with 38 td's come on guys we need to get off the durrant wagon here and try and get this new guy in there its probably the smart thing to do for this remainder of the season and for our future!!!

The stats are probablly a bit misleading in that the two QBs are from schools with completely different offensive philosophies. UNC went with a very conservative (traditional) offensive attack while Mike Leach's spread "Air Raid" offense requires a pass on almost every down. Also keep in mind that Harrell was throwing to Michael Crabtree who was the tenth overall pick in the NFL draft in 2009! In 2007 he was rated as the top college receiver in the nation! I'd wager that if durant had played under Leach and had been throwing to Crabtree his numbers would be much differennt. Leach has had at least five other QBs who played for him who looked like world beaters and yet none of them have found success in the NFL. The consensus is that it's Leach's "Air Raid" offense that is responsible for his QBs great numbers. It is thought that this along with a suspect arm is the reason Harrell was by-passed in the NFL draft. I like the kid but in any system other than Leach's he might look pretty average. I would sooner see him get this season to study film and take reps on the scout team and then participate in a full training camp before he gets thrown to the wolves!

I am a die hard Texas Tech fan and have seen every pass thrown for the last 10 years under Leach, and I will tell you that: Durant would not have those kind of numbers in the "Air Raid" offense because he is/was not good enough to land the starting job there. You must be an accurate passer to run the "Air Raid", Durant is anything but. I've seen every Roughrider game this year.

The CFL, is basically the same format as the "Air Raid" offense.

Leach's passing offense has made average QB's in the past look really good. But now Great Quarterbacks, Like Graham, look even better. The NFL, will see what they missed, and passed on....but as for now...you should thank your lucky stars that you have this guy on your roster.

QB's are now turning down offers from bigger schools like Michigan and Oklahoma, to go play for Mike Leach at Texas Tech (see Taylor Potts).

The throws that Durant cannot even make, Graham can make in his sleep. Graham can read a defense and adjust quickly....and his arm strength is fine (I don't know why everyone keeps saying he has a week arm) He gets rid of the ball fast under pressure. If the ball is accurate and on time...that's all that matters. If he needs to throw a bullet he will...but usually he hits the open guy, instead of trying to zip the ball between tight coverage.

I agree that he may not quite be ready....but after his 9 week "injury" is over....I say make him the starter and build your entire offense around him...because he is that kind of guy: A leader, a clutch player, and a winner.

What they need is a win. A bit fat "W".

I haven't chatted with you for awhile Stufrogg. My concern is that there is going yo be way to much pressure placed on Harrell.Some people are acting like he can have a winning season and get us to the GreyCup in his rookie year! Even Flutie and Moon couldn't do that. Theisman came close in his rookie year with the Argos however they lost the GreyCup to Calgary. I'm afraid that peoples expectations are very high and I have seen that kind of pressure ruin young QBs!

Harrell Thrives under pressure!