what the Riders need to do to win in Edmonton

Well, first and foremost...

they need to get over the stigma that Edmonton seems to give whenever they come into town.

it's like there's some stupid curse here. they need to get over it.

I'm so sick of the Riders coming into Edmonton and NOT showing up.. :roll:

I go to watch a good game and what I get is the Riders stinking the joint up and the Esks roll to an easy victory.


But besides that, we need to play a complete game! we cannot stop playing once the gun goes to end the 3rd quarter, CANNOT! NO EXCUSES!..

this game can be won but we need to play 60 mins worth.

Well said, cflisthebest. I thought, or at least hoped, that some of that curse left when their natural turf left and they could no longer play their little games with water, grass length, and uncertain footing for visiting teams, but I suppose some of that mystique is still around there. I agree with you that 60 minutes of solid football could still overcome that.

Well. We are playing perhaps the best defense in the CFL. JC Sherritt is the man right now, easily the defensive player of the year, thus far.

So, I hope we run right into the box and pop them in the mouth. Let the O-line get going off the ball and pushing some guys around. Get Sheets the ball and they need to establish 4-5 yards on first down. If they can do this it should open up other areas. I hope to see Sheets used more as a receiver as well. I want to see Sherritt or one of their linebackers try to cover Sheets. If we can be productive with Sheets it will open up stuff for DD.

So I hope to see Sheets with 19 carries.

Our D needs to pressure Jyles. The DB’s need to cover their guys. Then Jyles will be forced to run around like a rabbitt and hopefully odell and Hawkins can get to him. Keep them in 2nd down and long.

Edm is very high on Hugh Charles. We need to contain him like we did last time we played them. Make the first up tackle and they’ll be 2nd and long all day.

Its in the trenches and that is why this game will be close. Both teams have good lines and it will be hard fought?

Two words.. Short Passing.....

That is the way to beat even the best defense. 5 to 7 yard tosses opens EVERYTHING on the offense up! When you start hitting the short game then the CBs pull in to try and cover it and Deep routes open up. They also start focusing more on quick passes the the run game becomes more affective!

Running the ball might not be easy against Edmonton but our O-line has to prove its better than their D-line and we have to run the ball well! Down their throat sometimes.. however I would like to see them do more outside runs to Sheets! That is where he is at his absolute best, in the open field!
This also includes Durant running! He needs to get out of the pocket and into some open field where he can catch defenders in purgatory. That is the middle ground where if they decided to cover Durant gets to run the ball.. if they decided to go after Durant there will be an open man for Durant to get the ball too!

Our D-line needs to go beast mode this game and hit Jyles! Constantly! Jyles gets gun shy easily, you start hitting him and getting pressure on him then he will start taking off more often! and then we can have Abraham Kromah playing a Spy position and blasting him whenever he goes to take off! He will also make some bad throws in which we have guys in Butler and Patrick who are very good at making turnovers!

Both teams are close in several categories. Probably a low scoring defensive battle with the winner being the team which makes the fewest mistakes and gains the most favorable field positions. But Edmonton has the CFL 2nd worst offense in yards gained. If Saskatchewan is way ahead in the 4th quarter, doubtful if Edmonton's weak offense can steal a victory as Hamilton and Calgary did previously.

sandro deangelis will apparently be kicking...I dislike him on so many levels

I also dislike losing games because of missed field goals, but we digress :lol:

I'm interested, why do you dislike him? I ask purely cause the only thing I remember about him is that he is a pretty good kicker.. Is he like a jerk or cocky or anything like that?

Yes he is a cocky little prick who likes to celebrate excessively and shove things in other people's faces. (At least that is my opinion of him from what I have seen in his time in the league)
He also has been on the receiving end of a few beat downs from different teammates from college to the pros.

I'll be honest and say I wish he wasn't on the team, and I haven't said that about anyone in awhile. He is the kicking version of Dwight Anderson but he's a kicker so its worse.

Billy pretty much nailed it. He has, historically, celebrated a 20 yard FG like he just nailed a 50 yard FG with no time left to with a playoff game, and even in that most kickers would not celebrate even that as excessively. He also really struggled in 2010, and there was a reason the Stamps let him go.

I have never been a fan of kicker doing double duty, so am glad to see Milo get some help...stick to one so you can focus your attention there...it is 2 totally different leg movements...It is like being good at baseball and golf at the same time...most people struggle with that.

Furthermore, I know him on a personal and professional level and have never liked him...there are few I would say that about...just way too cocky. Perhaps sitting for over a year has improved that.


you never know guys, he might be told by Chamblain to cool it and just play football.

Ya because nobody else will have told him that before.