What the Riders need to do in order to Win this game.

first and foremost. Stop the Hamilton Run game!

if we can find a way to keep Cobb down to a minimal amt of yards, we have a much better chance of getting the W


keep Porter in the pocket, do not allow him to become mobile and run around.


Establish our Running game and use it! don’t abandon it when we start to get a lead.


get Durant moving around, he’s not the best pocket passer and they need to get him rolling out, spreading the field and making plays

IF we can do these 4 things… we will come out on Top!

BUT, with the way our defense is susceptible to the Running game and with Cobb being the top RB in the CFL this year… i’m just finding it difficult to believe it!

and here I thought all we had to do was score more points. j/k seriously though. they are very good points, with #3 being the most important. cause it covers 3 of the 4 points.

To have an established running game we need Wes going as well as Durant moving around
with that established we can keep Cobb on the sidelines and giving him less time to gain yards, it will also allow our defence to be fresh and rested for when they are on the field trying to stop him. Good Luck Guys!

:rockin: Yeah, I would also like to point out that there is nothing wrong with using more than one back, ie. Cates/Charles/Foord/Szarka. :rockin: I like the chances we have with a solid run game, but that doesn't mean we need to rely soley on Wes Cates up the middle. Mix it up a bit! :rockin: Special teams also needs to improve our field position. If they can do that, we will play better in the 3rd/4th quarters (IMO). I think our slow finishes has something to do with starting drives on our own 30 (or less) yd line so often. Git 'er done Special Teams!! :rockin: And finally . . . The O-Line! Give Durant some time! For the love of football give him some time! Also, coaches have Durant working on those 1-second Calvillo passes in case it gets too sticky.



Grey Cup Preview this Sunday!
I have been saying it for years: 2009 is the 20-year reunion Grey Cup Match.

Wow!........Do we have a new Dali Lama of football.....

The Amazing Thryllin.Quite a ring to it.....lol

Perhaps you are right about the 20 year Sask / Ti-Cat reunion...

I heard on Drew Remenda that the only 2 professional sports teams to win a championship in every decade since 1900 are the TI-Cats and those vomit inducing Habs.

Unfortunately the Habs streak ended this year.

LoL, as a leaf fan, watching the complete meltdown of the Canadiens, from the players to the fans booing Price, is the next best thing to the Leafs winning the cup. Since we can't even make the post season, all we can hope for is a for the Habs to lay an egg too.

I think the 4 points above all have merit. To me, they can are the ingredients for two things: getting our D off the field, and keeping our D off the field.

We don't seem to get many 2 and outs on D - even when we don't give up points, teams move the ball, and we suffer in our field position because of it.

Then, our offence suffers a lot of 2 and outs. It seems like we either score or go 2 and out....nothing in between.

Our best performance in both of those areas was against Calgary, and funny that, we won.

In order for the riders to win this game, they will need to do one of two things.
Either score more points than Hamilton, or, conversely, prevent Hamilton from scoring as many as we do.
A third option could be, do both.


Wait a jersey pickin’ minute! :o
All three of these options are the same! :?
That means we only have one option . . . WIN!
Good strategy. I like Arius’ gameplan the best. :stuck_out_tongue:


We need to stick our tackles at first contact, not third. We need to limit their YAK yards, & limit their first downs.

& there is no point going to the Cates well repeatedly if there is no hole up the middle. 2 yards a carry doesn't cut it in getting our 1st downs!

I want to nominate this for post of the year.


And I was correct as well!!!

I was more accurately correct.