What the Renegades should and shoudn't do.

After that game against Hamilton, there is no way Ottawa will make the playoffs. THEY DO NOT DESERVE TO BE IN THE PLAYOFFS. I have officially given up on them. Terrible coaching. Players un-motivated. Terrible O-Line. Terrible ownership. Fire Poapoa now. Make Marshall interim HC. Bring back Tillman as GM or hire Bob O’Billivich as Coach or GM . Don’t wait until the -off-season. Start Brad Banks, get rid of Kennedy, keep Joseph as a back-up, they shouldn 't deal him away unless they get a Casey Printers in return or an entire Offensive line. The worse thing Ottawa can do is to completely clean house. They should keep the promising players and give them time to develop. The Renegades have players to build on but have terrible coaching on offense. The Rough Riders used to bring in a new coach every year who used to clean house and they were in constant state of inconsistency every year. Fred Glick, Bob Webber, Goldman etc… etc… Each one would get rid of all the players and start over every year. Please bring back the big White R on Ottawa’s helmet and design a 3-year plan to get this team on track. Good luck Sask Roughriders, but, I do not want to see another West vs. West Grey Cup ever again. I had enough of that with Winnipeg in the East during the 80’s and 90’s. Oh yes, GET A GODDAMN KICKER !!!

Good rant! I know how you feel Ottawa_Rough_Riders. There are some great players on the team in Ranek, Armstead, Banks and Joseph. The O Line needs help to protect Joseph and open the lanes for Ranek. A couple of taller, faster receivers wouldn't hurt. And yeah, the punting in particular leaves something to be desired. Finally, the O line coaching sucks.

Hey, Ottawa Rough Riders, how many games did you attend this year?

Talk to BC about Casey Printers....work a good trade for both teams.
Casey wants out of BC.