What the **** is with this new format?

It's terrible.

Ugly, ugly, ugly....
how many colours can one cram in?
Where are all the good smilies?

Ive got to think its a glitch.

Either that or they're still working out all the bugs in this new update. But the smilies are back, and with extra bonuses. :thup:

I've still got all the same smiley choices as before.. but this is ugly.

:D :) :( :o :? 8) :lol: :x :P :oops: :cry: :twisted: :roll: :wink: :| :thup: :thdn: :rockin: :cowboy:
[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=11790]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpB ... ic&t=11790[/url]

The color combos are crap really hard on the eyes Ron! Also runs a bir sluggish when you go to post maybe due to the security patch?

Ahh I see. Thanks for letting us know. I thought that maybe CFL.ca got the crazy idea that this was an improvement and was going to leave it like this. I'm relieved to find out otherwise.

Help! I need sunglasses or I'm on screetch!!!!!!!!

i like it, it was a little shaky at the start but now its good

...NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS...puts a little colour in your life...i thought it was kind of 'drab' before.... 8)

....wow, I'm accessing the site through the LCF.ca opening as CFL.ca is down....needless to say my command of the written french language is pretty bad...

Odd…I could get in no problem through the cfl.ca option…

...lol, maybe I've been banned!!....

lol - doubtful...but KK said he had problems starting new topics last evening (but really, is that such a bad thing??), so maybe there are still a few bugs to work out.....

....yeah, doubtful, but different..

....banned but still able to access through a backdoor, with mod powers.....like the Dark Angel of the forum....

....stopping KK from opening up new topics was high on the security patch features, did you not get the memo?.....

Nope, no memo.....good security upgrades, it appears.....

So far, the changes in format of this website have made it so that the physical layout of my sentences and paragraphs changes when my post is submitted from what it was when I previewed it.

I hate change. I always get cranky when they mess up the format.

I’m going to my room to pout!

13thman and lionbackers have great smilies :thup:

Other than that, I have no idea what you all are talking about on this thread???