..What the hell???

...the Als. sure have some bloody nerve....and Popp must be deranged...Apparently according to Greg Marshall..they offered the defensive co-ordinator job to Greg....after telling him he wasn't good enough to be the head coach....what an insult...They got the appropriate answer...'NO'...Does Popp figure that Marshall is a moron....to leave a Grey Cup contender for a re-building team....and one that's going to 'hit the wall' in 08... for a lateral position ..Dream on Popp...i thought the man had more intelligence than that...The Bombers will be happy to keep Marshall on board to make another Cup appearance...and the Als. ...wellllllll?????? :lol: how ludicrous...but i'll give Popp 'E' for effort... :wink: :lol: :lol:

What did Popp hit his head and lose his senses. This guy is becoming a joke in Montreal. I believe he wants a coach that he can control and do micro coaching above him. He wanted Marshall for insurance purposes only. Popp has a very large ego I would think.

You may be right 2005. I always thought highly of Popp. The last two years he has been a dissappointment in my eyes.

...Popp better concentrate on his player personell... like getting rid of the 24 qbs. the Als have on their roster..and start resembeling the gm. he used to be, before he gets laughed out of town???? :lol: