What the Hell is the Witchs Thing?

It's time we all grow up...this crap about the "witches" thing is over spent...time to grow up children!

Haters gonna hate

Hey Grumpy

You might remember this...


Witches thang is too hide the truthful posts from us naysayers!

Couldn't agree more. This guy has been posting threads like this for years. Very strange dude. I want to read about football, not about "fantasy" crap. Burn the witches-give me a break.

Many challenged him on his strange headings for game day threads. He used to use similar strange names like "two colours" instead of Redblacks for the game day threads.

He has since stopped using these very strange names. Hopefully he will stop with the witches thing.

Obviously has a lot of time on his hands.

Oski oui oui is one of the best posters on here.
I've always found the titles of his game day threads to be funny, it doesn't take a genius to figure out what teams are playing just because of the titles. :roll:

you guys new?,,,,oskee is one of the best,,,keep up the witches thread sir

Fortunately you don’t have to read a thread that doesn’t interest you.

You're the one whining about a thread title...

I'd sooner get rid of you than the threads.

Cant believe anyone would care enough to cry over thread titles. :roll:


I always thought they were a little weird too. +1 to end them.
We're talking sports not reviewing a Comic Con Convention.

Anything Russ wants to post is OK with me.

If you don't like the title…don't open it.

If you don't like a song on the radio. Change the station.

The guy who has been posting these threads is a long time, respected and intelligent poster.

I enjoy ALL of his threads.

:thup: x2

Spectator sports, comics, it's all recreation. It's always a good idea to lighten up.

:thup: here here!

What's with that thread about the "weird boat"? I don't like to read boat threads on a football forum. It's the last thing I want to see. And yet ... I feel strangely compelled to read it. Can someone please make them stop posting boat threads, since I can't stop myself from opening them?


Don't you remember the best "boat" thread ever? The one where the entire Defence climbed into one after a pick-6 in Winterpeg - TWICE?

Yeah, I do. We need to create more happy memories like that.

Of course I have nothing against boat threads or werewolf/vampire threads or whatever. I'm not especially interested in threads that talk about stadium concessions, so guess what: I tend not to spend a lot of time on those ones. But I'm happy if others find them useful.