What the hell is the CFL thinking? Remembrance Day?????

If the CFL truly wants to avoid this, they could have had the East Semi-final yesterday and played the West Semi-final today. The start time could have been 1 PM Eastern yesterday and the West Semi could have been played at 2PM today, thus avoiding any conflicts with Remeberance day ceremonies across the country.

This thread is a friggen joke, my grandfather was a bomber pilot in ww2 and was shot down and a pow for 18 months in Germany. He didn't like talking about the war, rememberance day, parades for war vets or any of that stuff. He always said that the biggest hams coming out of the war are the guys who were the cooks or mechanics or arm chair generals. Not the boys who were in action because he said that it really sucks to have to kill someone else or drop bombs on other peoples families and they didn't come back wanting to be congratulated and honored every year for something that gave them nightmares for the rest of their lives.

The CFL was respectful by changing their game times and thats enough for me and I'm sure as h#ll it would be enough for my grandfather.

Don't agree with you often (never as a matter of fact), but today Swervin I have to say that I do as far as your vet's statement.

I think we can observe Remembrance Day wherever we are - and, if it happens to be at a football game, then I'm quite sure it will be done there. As long as at 11:00 people "remember", then I think we've done what we should.

The game doesnt start until 2pm Eastern, so if im not mistaken isnt that noon Vancouver time?

10:00am for Vancouver time.

no, it's starting at 11 here.

OK lets get this straight, lol:
2pm in Winnipeg = 1pm Regina = 11am Vancouver

2 pm in Toronto = 1 pm in Winnipeg and Regina = 12 noon in Calgary = 11 am in Vancouver...

What a tasteful ceremony in the Peg. Thats why buddy, for the CFL to have its opportunity to show a debt of gratitude for the brave men and women who protect us in times of unrest


They're also remembered every year, i doubt nov 11th will be a sunday next year, in fact not until 2012, and not since 2001. Whoever that first poster is is ridiculous, "tryin to be an NFL north", sure you keep thinking that and i'm gonna enjoy the games, don't blame the CFL blame the calender, CFL playoffs are always 1 week after the season ends, its not like they did it on purpose.

People just love to compalin about anything and everything. Its too hot its too cold its too hard its too soft etc.

Its a nice touch putting the poppy on the helmet.

Thumbs up on the poppy.

in an indirect way, they fought and died so that we could play football 365 days a yr.