What the hell is the actual holdup?

I have not heard that...but they do have this delusion that every Quebecer will have at least 1 shot of a vaccine by June 24th


the big issue, as mentioned once i believe, for the CFL is that it is not like the other massive corporate leagues with incredible TV contracts that can alleviate a lot of the problems with playing without fans in seats. TheCFL leadership has been horrible for the past few years, not understanding the reality of todays markets or their own history when successful
What they need to do for this year, as they figure out Covid, lockdowns, the XFL whatever, the future and the best real direction for a CANADIAN football leauge is to go one of two ways. of a combination of both.
If the lockdowns need to continue to try and alleviate the incredible pressure on the health care system and staff, they could turn to a pay per view for fans for this season only perhaps on TSN 2 or something. This would bring money in at least to give them some chance.
The other way is to follow the lead of the CEBL and CPL and this season go with almost entirely Canadians and American Imports who are already living in Canada or have contracts already begun. The idea of bringing players across the border then having them quarantine 7-14 days is ridiculous and stupid. It would be one season to give more time to the many Canadians plus American veteran players that we know.
To lose the whole season will mean the end of the league. And taxpayers should not be on the hook for mostly American workers, sorry.

Yet taxpayers may be on the hook for mostly European workers and the grand prix


But the NHL has a HUGE TV and sponsorship contract, the CFL doesn't.
The CPL has very low costs, only 20 players at the most and a couple of coaches.
The CFL has 46 players on an active roster, another 10 non-active and usually another 15 on the injured list. Then you have the 12 Coaches.
That's huge operating expenses.

They couldn't afford to play last season with no fans in the stands. They aren't going to play again this year with zero fans in the stands. Bubbles in the maritimes or anywhere else is not going to make any difference - it's all about fans in the stands

Why are people asking what the hold up is? we all know that the CFL is waiting for the premiers to open stadiums.

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And maybe the world cup

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Heck we are paying billions to send athletes for the Olympics as well
It's like seriously priorities

I strongly suspect there are more CFL fans in the country than luge fans


make that Olympic Luge fans and you might be surprised

I have yet to see anyone with any Team Canada gear (excluding hockey of course)

If you prefer pick another more boring sport

Did we win ? who cares what a ride Stewie .

Reminds me of dumb and dumber on the mini bike .


How about mixed luge? That might prove interesting?:flushed:


Also to further bash the Olympics

Once upon a time the Olympics were AMATEUR sport

Team Canada INSISTED we NEVER send pros there and lost year after year to teams east of the Iron Curtain as a result

So if you can't beat them, join them
Today even NHL players are allowed to suit up for Olympics

It is the worst sell out in Canadian history and a horrible black mark for the older fans such as myself

Would love to see us just walk away from it


Well think about it
The olympics are supposed to be the best of the best! Does it really make sense to not include our best?

That said, they olympics are a waste of money

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I could not agree more.

For the most part, the Olympics are just a bunch of sports that few people take any interest in anyway, and yet they expect us every four years to get excited over things like Singles Goat Throwing or Alpine Snowshoe races?

No thanks.


This globalism of niche sports is one of the social consequences of pandering over the top to globalism before national interests, and of course such is well after other far more valuable elements and assets of the national store have been ransacked or given away.


No they were never supposed to be the best of the best
They were founded as friendly international competition between nations amateurs to foster better relations

Ironically the glitz of the Olympics can really be traced back to Nazi Germany
They were the ones who started this monsterpiece by politicizing it

And the shift away from amateur competition did start with the obvious abuse by east bloc countries

And to make it worse we (the so called "good guys") threw in the towell and dropped to their level

Now the games are a joke; billions spent in sponsorships, scandals over everything from drugs / doping to bribes to judges playing obvious favourites to even sex scandals


Also let's note the growth of television and marketing rights in particularly the US especially in 1984 with the Olympics in Los Angeles so as to drive the marketing and professional angles.

In 1992 with the Dream Team, of course I was into that but look now with the rest history with part of the name of the game in many a sport is not only to win but to market one's likeness effectively.

And of course now beyond the US with some they don't even have to win and this is done.

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In 776 BC...I doubt it

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Ha ha
We are discussing the MODERN Olympics
(I had assumed the MODERN part was obvious but jokes on me huh)

As in 1896 onwards

BCE replaced BC long time ago
BC has religious connotations

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I'm thinking maybe in this next off-season we can have an Olympics-bashing thread too.

What was a great idea has been incessantly politicized for most of my life with so many frauds.

And for what it's worth, I would prefer to see something like ice motorcycle racing and ice biking in the Olympics over the likes of two-man luge or even one-person luge for that matter (the action starts at about 7 minutes):

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If the year zero was originally based on Christ the person that actually lived, Son of God or not, then BC is and always will be relevant, religious or otherwise

When exactly did they formally state that the Olympics supposed to be for amateurs only?