What the hell is the actual holdup?

The NHL managed to run. But the CFL isn't as big and rich as the NHL.

But, the CPL, a much smaller league, also managed to run last year.

The NBA, NFL, MLB, Major League Rugby, Premier Lacrosse league, countless other soccer and rugby leagues, have all managed to run since March 2020.

The CFL took off 2020. "Now the time has come to shift our focus to 2021 and beyond. We will be back. And we will use this time to ensure the CFL comes back stronger than ever." - Randy Ambrosie, Aug 17 2020.

So now they've had 8 months since then.

They released a schedule months ago, only now a month or so away it's becoming clear they won't keep it. Why bother releasing it?

I've still been paying for my seasons tickets. I'm still paying for my Grey Cup tickets. I even paid that much money again, to support the league with their stupid fan base. I'm sure many other did the same.

So they've had time, money, examples from every other sports league on earth, both larger and smaller. They have billionaire owners like MLSE and Bob Young. Why the actual fuck haven't they been able to get their shit together? Are they so singularly, spectacular incompetent to be the only league that can't get its head out of its ass?

If, in mid April 2021, they're about to postpone the beginning of the season, then why on earth would they have released a schedule in November 2020 with clearly no plan in place to meet it?


The main holdup is the politicians

Nearly every major province is backtracking and going even stricter lockdowns as we speak

Ironically if the CFL had an Atlantic Schooner franchise already the bubble would work great over there this year


And yet the NHL continues...


I could not agree more. It would have been better if the CFL Offices were updating the public more on their return to play, COVID - 19 attendance plans, start of the season with no fans to a gradual attendance etc.

I've moved my season ticket money over for this season from last season. However, there has been no talk about what the Grey Cup ticket prices will be like for season ticket holders. Furthermore, is it only at 1/4, to 1/2, or 3/4 of attendance if you had your vaccination.

The CFL has been too slow, and or quiet, on too many unanswered questions; with the season to begin on record just weeks away. Just come out and say it that it will start on Labour Day, when a lot more people are vaccinated as one example.

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Because it is not up to the league....its up to the various levels of government

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Because its hockey

I wonder how OHL fans feel. The Memorial Cup was cancelled today, yet the OHL still hasn't cancelled (nor started) yet.

As for the hold up here. Pretty easy, they need clearance from the health officials to play and to allow enough fans in the stands to make it viable.

None of this has happened yet but agreed there needs to be some statement soon and by the sounds of the rumour mill, it looks like it's coming.


It should not be hard to understand that the CFL is between a rock and a hard place.

Don't have the income and resources of bigger leagues, but do have greater expenses than smaller leagues.

As for releasing schedule, clearly it was more hope and to keep fans engaged.

Possibly they were counting on govt and health officials to do a better job of handling the situation


Right on FYB and MightyGoose. It's time perhaps for a music break.

Let's listen and study this documentary closely for how a holdup is done properly.

The main holdup is the politicians

Nearly every major province keeps liftin restriction and lockdowns too much too soon too often

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That's what happens when politicians makes uneducated decisions instead of following the science.

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Is the CFL that unique? Name one other pro league that hasn't done ANYTHING.

And I agree, the politics keep changing things. They were doing that in November too - absolutely stupid to put out a schedule without assurances.

And as I said - the NHL is playing. So are politicians really saying no to CFL teams and yes to NHL teams? Or is it far more likely that the CFL is too incompetent to meet the requirements?

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The only thing the Feds said (last Spring) was no to their ask of 80-180 million dollars.

Provincial governments are responsible for health in their provinces. So far, 4 of 6 have approved the plans that have been submitted by CFL teams to allow them to play starting with camps in May.

The CFL's ONLY real issue is money. They need someone else's.

They've had 30 + years to move off of their gate driven model and they have steadfastly refused to do so, some times seemingly with absolutely no care or thought to actually improving the league's fortunes and caretaking the game with incredible levels of incompetence. And they have only themselves to blame.

They designed it and now even the billionaires and multi-billion dollar corporation owners won't take a chance on this dog with fleas right now. I sincerely hope the tax payers at either the federal or provincial levels don't cave in and cover the nut. I doubt the Feds will but I have a feeling provincial governments will, if for no other reason than to justify their significant stadium investments.

Leagues that played in 2020 either have too big of a tv contract for them to forfeit away or the sport itself can be run with minimal costs. With the CFL, the sport of football and its business model makes it too expensive for the league to play without fans.

It was the CFL's own choice in 2020 not to play a season of as little as 6 games. They would have played if the government either gave them a handout or an interest-fee loan. Unfortunately, the best the CFL got was a loan proposal with interest that they could not ever repay. League owners still could have played if they were willing to take more money out of their own pockets. There was even a rumor that 6 of 9 teams wanted to play and one of them would be willing to help fund the reluctant teams. But in the end since not everybody agreed to play, the season was cancelled.

League released in late 2020 a schedule to let sponsors and fans know that they plan on having a season in 2021. Purpose was to let everybody plan ahead and generate some revenue. League also made it clear that the schedule is flexible and was dependent on what happens with covid.

It is obvious what the CFL's plan is for 2021. They are waiting to see if there is a light at the end of the tunnel where fans are allowed into the stands. When that happens, training camp details and a season will be announced.

Should there be no hope for fans this season, the league likely has in mind a number of games that would be considered a credible season in which they will just eat the costs. Grey Cup is likely fixed for Hamilton and not changing dates. Guess the minimal number of games for a season and work backwards. Last year, there was mention of a 6-week lead preparation time required before the start of training camp. When you figure all this out, that would be the drop dead date.

If the CFL is willing to play without fans before that theoretical drop dead date, then they must have either gotten a bailout from the government or the XFL is investing in the league.

Expectation is that the CFL will have some sort of season this year even though Arash Madani said the Argos are not in favor of playing presumably without fans.

Going back to the original question of what the holdup is? The answer is the same reason as to why the CFL exploring a partnership with the XFL. The league prefers to lose less money.


But the Argos always play without fans.. wahwah


The XFL?

Hey you asked that is a pro league that has done nothing....

Really the ONLY reason NFL can do it is TV contract is astronomical


Well, now does the fat lady approach the stage after her prolonged warm-up or do we hold her off a bit more?

And what's going to happen next week with regards to this matter?

Or do we take another two weeks of spins on this off-season merry-go-round before we get any more real news, which of course has been sparse since last fall?

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Well here is part of the hold-up

Ontario sport minister Lisa MacLeod ‘not in a position to sign off’ on CFL return to play | 3DownNation

While not to pin blame on the province, the league can't go to the feds until all 6 provinces give some form of approval. Only have 5 out of 6 so far

It's more hurry up and wait right now.

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Well okay that's enough for me then, for I had no idea there has to be some provincial unanimity on this matter.

Fat lady, take the stage please. Stagehand, ready those two microphones please.

I said that before (Ontario is a huge issue, esp since 3 of the 4 eastern teams play here)

I am surprised that Quebec signed off though

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