What the heck just happened?

K, so we're getting crushed I mean really hammered on. Bishop throwing picks (what else is new) our D suprisingly giving up huge yards. KJ was picking us apart Then Bish would move the ball then get picked. OMG!!!

But everytime he'd make a bad play I'd say "Stick wth him, since you think he's so great!"

Then what do you know? a couple turnovers by the Argos we tie the game!

Then that weird fake punt, we score a TD and win?

What the heck? :roll:

Very weird game indeed. I figured as long as we kept it close we had a chance since our guys actually have something riding on this game but I honestly can't explain the fake punt on 3rd and 9. Perhaps The Don really dislikes Wally or something because that was a horrible decision. I wasn't too fond of our big pass with 20 seconds left and Bishop already having thrown 4 picks either, especially considering we were already in field goal range and could run the clock down and it was an important game to us.

that fake punt just made Riderville $500,000 G. Cal wil smack down BC, and Mosaic stadium better order a few more truckloads of beer, for one more sold out crowd.

If the 'riders get a home playoff game, it is a trip to western final. The 'rider defence plays much better at home (thanks to the fans knowing when to make noise and when not to). At Calgary, it could be as close as 60/40 Calgary fans to 'rider fans taking away home field advantage. If the Stampeders ban Gainer from the game again, it will shift the media focus away from the game itself to how stupid the Stampeder organization looks which will only work for the 'riders benefit. Henry Burris will pout ahead of time and then choke on game day when the focus of the game is taken away from him and placed on a guy in a gopher suit.

If BC loses tomorrow, the 'riders are cup bound. If BC wins, I think it is still possible, but it will be a lot harder.

Chill out regarding the fake punt.
It was still gonna' be a punt.
We were getting the ball no matter what.
If the punt was actually a punt, we were still pumped and ready to score.

Absolutly, but It just sounds sweeter when you put a dollar number on it!


maybe the "fake punt" was someone screwing up. Just a thought.

I can't believe Bishop tried a deep throw when all we needed was to run the ball and kick the field goal. Obviously it turned out but he never should have been throwing on that play :thdn:

Nope. The only screw up was the on the receiving end of it, it was very much intended:

Don Matthews quote:
"That (fake punt) was a called play. The blocking was there, I think it would've gone a fair distance but the snap was a little hard."

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