What the heck is up with this?

I have no words...

Grenade pin?

Battle Binky

They are all the rage with the cool kids

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I have seen that many times with many teams
Makes me think of a pacifier
But it probably makes it easier to remove the mouth guard if they are wearing gloves

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Supposed to make it easier to breathe will still providing a surface to bite down on. It's a variation on an impact mouthguard the hole allows for easier breathing. The soother ring is just for effect.


Seahawks' DK Metcalf uses pacifier mouthpiece but plays 'like a man' - Seattle Seahawks Blog- ESPN

The poor man's "grille"...


That one looks like it's attached to the facemask. CFL players would have to think twice when playing against WPG in case Andrew Harris decides to tear the helmet right off their head. Possible dental damage.


that one looks like a different type of mouth guard similar to one i seen ricky collins wears though his in the argos vs ticats game was orange and attached to his helmet like that

At least it's gold and not two different hues of blew...

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