what the heck is Radelin doing retiring?

I don't get it. Was it too many times being jammed in the middle? Was he tired of running into the backs of our O-line?

Doesn't make sense!

Steeltown Dave

It's simple really. He has other business interests he's pursuing.

Here is a question was he Forced to Retire
Like Rob and Mike where..or has Rad's Really had Enough ...

Only Rads and Team know for Shure.

I'd guess the guy has other interests / things to do and good luck to him - very good player IMO and was good to see him play for the Ticats. Plus, didn't he have some sort of falling out with the team or personal leave last year? Time to move on.

Plus, the guy is an excellent fullback IMO - a position that has become little used and appreciated in the same old same old modern CFL - fullbacks are part-time players at best and they barely touched the ball anymore. Been going more this way almost every year - Radlein was a force at FB as a rookie - showed great power and was tough to stop in short yardage situations, plus he was a strong blocker - barely saw the field or ball anymore for the Ticats last season - probably got bored. Waste of talent IMO to have a quality fullback like that and the position means little in your offence - pretty well all CFL teams gone this way - boring.

The problem is we saw how good Kori Dickerson was last year. He could block and play tight end and was used more than Radlein. This year, it seems like we aren't going to use a fullback.

Julien is a good player but he wasn't going to make the Cats this year. He probably doesn't want to wait to get cut cuz it will be too late to be picked up by another team.

Again, I think we are letting our emotions get in the way. I like Radlien and he's a good player but we have better players on our roster. Yes, I know he's a Canadian but that doesn't matter.

Actually it makes a lot of sense.

As mentioned, he has other business interests. He has been playing hurt and in all likelihood would not be seeing much "starting" time in the new offence that we will be using.

His value is lower than it ever has been heading into camp, with the younger FBs that we have acquired over the last while.

Rads was a great player here and an even better person. He'll be missed. But...the writing was on the wall I think for this season. Better now than July 1st.

Apparently he is running a business back on the West Coast. Might be different if his business was in the Hamilton area.
He had to make a choice between a short term career with limited financial gain or look after his business and the future.
This is not the NFL where just one season of earning $1M would set you up for life.

He is doing what is best for himself, AND the team. He can now concentrate on his business venture out west, he has a girlfriend out there, and he is not taking up a roster spot for training camp (possibly clearing the way for another player that would have the same impact as him).

Eather way I Wish Rad's Luck out West.

It's his life, his decision.

Thanks to Rads for all his efforts for the club.

Oski Wee Wee,

He retired from the Ticats; until such time as his existing contract is completed he is still Ticat property. He can't sign on with another team unless the Ticats cut him, or his contract, including option year, expires.

He played 5 years. That's well into the 4-5 year average most running backs play football for. He's doing whats best for himself at this stage of his life. I commend him for being bright enough to have already salvaged a carrer outside of football and being able to make a choice like this without being forced out.

Totally misundertood my point. He knows that if he gets cut late, there is a chance that he will not be picked up as other rosters are full. Instead of grinding it out for another season, he has decided to work elsewhere.