What the heck did Popp say to his players?

First Chris Jones breaking the CBA and forcing his players to work for free, now Popp apparently told his players that he was going to cut them all, and that they would be selling their bodies on the streets after ,becauae that's how usless they are.
Im guessing what exactly he said. Does anyone have better idea what he said to them?
Being a CFL player gets worse and worse, every day by the sounds of it.

RDS is reporting that hearsay has it that among other things he said players 'would have to go back to the hood and turn to crime to support their families'

[url=http://www.rds.ca/football/alouettes/jim-popp-en-eau-trouble-1.3503219?localLinksEnabled=false]http://www.rds.ca/football/alouettes/ji ... bled=false[/url]
Mais s’il est vrai qu'en plus, Jim Popp a été jusqu'à dire que les joueurs retranchés n'auraient qu'à retourner chez eux dans leurs patelins respectifs et de faire un « travail illicite » alors là, je peux vous dire qu'il a assurément, à ce moment précis, perdu son vestiaire .

S'en prendre personnellement à des joueurs devant les autres n'est jamais une bonne idée, mais remettre en doute leur possibilité de faire un travail digne et surtout légal après leur carrière de footballeur est carrément inapproprié et déplorable.

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But if it is true that, in addition , Jim Popp was to say that the players cut would only have to return home in their burgs and make an "illegal work" while there, I can say it assuredly at that moment , lost his locker .

Attacking personally to the players in front of others is never a good idea, but calling into doubt their ability to do a job worthy and above legal after their football career is totally inappropriate and deplorable.

I read between the lines, and wasnt too far off.
The lack of respect shown CFL players is deplorable. I hope the players quit on him completely

The gazette reported

Popp threatened the players, starting with his offensive lineman, stating they run the risk of being replaced by rookies earning minimum salary. But he then brought the rest of the team into focus, suggesting no player was irreplaceable while serving notice their play must improve or they risk unemployment.

I think RDS is way off base

The Gazette is reporting a similar story to that on RDS.

[url=http://montrealgazette.com/sports/football/cfl/montreal-alouettes/jim-popp-tore-into-alouettes-players-after-loss-sources]http://montrealgazette.com/sports/footb ... ss-sources[/url]
Jim Popp, who delivered an explosive and, at times, insensitive yet troubling tirade to and against his players last Sunday.

But it’s the depth to which Popp sank, using insinuations that must be considered less than tactful, that have come into question — as news of the tirade has started to filter throughout the Canadian Football League.

To say the least, some of Popp’s statements have sent shockwaves throughout the league.

“The damage is done. How does he survive this?? said one longtime CFL executive. “No matter how bad it gets, you can’t say that.?

That is not much different than what RDS is saying - other than that RDS is filling in some blanks of exactly what those 'insensitive', 'troubling', 'less than tactful', 'sent shockwaves through the league', 'can't say that' - words were.

I think Popp will be unemployed before most of his players.

He should be. Popp is a disgrace of a coach. He makes Cheater Jones look good.

If you also read the player quotes, it's very clear that Popp said what RDS reported. Carter said that you can't say that sort of thing in 2016. Brouillette said that it wasn't the "best post-football career option" to bring up. Parker was upset and challenged Popp. You think they would have said any of that if it was just the usual "coach throws a chair across the dressing-room a la Bull Durham" spiel? Not a chance.

Edit: Keep in mind too that the three players quoted above are three of Popp's FAVORITES on the team. Billy Parker is a quiet, soft-spoken veteran who never trash-talks. Brouillette is a lawyer by trade, very articulate and always willing to speak to the media. Carter is Popp's own golden boy. And all three made it clear that what Popp said to the team was unacceptable. Draw your own conclusions.

Then he'll go back to the hood and turn to a life of crime to support his family.

This is exactly what I said when Higgins told the press Bowman was finished and Popp said far worse. There is a huge disconnect between this franchise and its fans already, this won't help, you see it in the comment sections on the French sites.

Now if you look at it from Popp's perspective. Many of his players are not performing to expectations, Bede in particular but there are others on offense especially. So while his choice of words was unnacceptable, he had every right to have a "private discussion with his guys" an that's what he's hiding behind right now, that the discussion was "private". In other words he's telling the owner and the public,press This ain't like the Higgins thing. I didn't make the org look bad because this was not said in public :o

Now if you look at it from the owner's perspective. He's 80 years old, his team is losing money, losing on the field and his "adoptive son" who ran his business for 20 years (19) is all he's really got left as far as a football ops goes. With no one out there to replace him with may Taman and Maciocia being very poor alternatives.

Now from my perspective, this is a team that needs more than anything. A Quarterback ! and a Head Coach to stay alive and assuming that happens then we might have a couple years to see new ownership and infrastructures to save the franchise. Right now it is about as bleak as 1980...

He didn't go public like Higgins did but what he said was about 100 times worse. Using the "it was a private discussion" shield won't wash. You can't use a private discussion to air racist or homophobic content, so why would it be any kind of defense here?

As for players not performing to expectations, well, the same is true of Popp himself, except that I doubt anyone except Wetenhall and Popp had expectations beyond "useless figurehead." Yes, some players are underperforming. But when you have a useless figurehead of a coach who can't provide effective oversight for his coordinators, can't run efficient practices, can't curb his team's discipline issues, and can't even throw a challenge flag without the assistant HC's help, you are playing a coach down at the most important position on staff! Imagine facing Hamilton without Kent Austin on the sidelines, or Ottawa without Rick Campbell, or Calgary without Dave Dickenson ... that's what we have EVERY GAME.

I see it as a lot different than what RDS said. If it were true. Herb would have jumped all over it!

Until I hear it from Popp or one of the players...I conceder it to be rumour and speculation

It is and Jim's never shown an ounce of racism. I think he was angry and used words that were not accepeptable because of it.

Where I find it sounds plausible is if he had thrown out something about going back to the hood, it would probably take many of these guys off guard (because, as you say, he's never displayed any racism). I could totally understand a player (Parker or whomever) going back to ask whether or not there was a racist undertone to the comment. Popp might realize how his comment was perceived more strongly than he'd intended and apologize.

Where I'm having doubts it...If it DID happen that way, why is no one reporting the actual comment? Players are commenting as though we all now what it is anyway. When someone uses a slur, reporters will refer to the "n-word" or some such at least. So...what's the big deal here? It's not like Popp denies the incident.

Would be super if that was how racism worked but it doesn't. You don't know that he's "never showed an ounce of racism." I think it's very telling that when he was angry, those kinds of words came out. Racism is a spectrum, not an on-off switch. Jim obviously isn't Donald Trump but that speech showed some pretty clear unconscious prejudices for all to see.

In my opinion Popp has to go, he's crossed a line. MTL needs a new GM and the new GM needs to find his HC. Do that then see where the land lays. We need 9 healthy, competitive teams.

Owner is 80 years old and his heart is not in doing what needs to be done...This team needs new owners who want to invest in the team. BW has been a very good owner but as this league becomes more professional and expensive "to own" a team. Money needs to be invested... Interestingly he did just that when he owned the Patriots. He sold his stake when it became too rich for his blood.

Someone needs to send Popp to the unemployment line. His coaching is a complete disaster. Very little leadership.