What the coaches (Austin, Jones & Lolley) have to say

All three comment on very recent happenings and what’s ahead for them and the TiCats:

I like the moves the team has made and God willing I have a feeling we're going to turn the corner. I think KA now has the coaches in place to support him going forward. ;D ;D

Thanks for posting. After watching the press conferences.
My first reaction is.... "Akward".!

  1. Killer, I had the same reaction as you..."Akward", to say the least !! ::slight_smile:

Austin doesn’t need the other coaches support, he needs the players. I think that ship sailed long ago. How many coaches and players have we gone thru say the last 18 games. What’s the record. What’s the one constant

Scott Mitchell?

I would say awkward to some of the questions. But would say;

Austin - cautious
Jones - evaluating
Lolley - bit overwhelmed (rightfully so)

I was under the impression Jones was a Austin guy....but he's a Tillman add. Very interesting indeed.

All this coaching turmoil during the season was expected...BUT....It has a Glieberman/J.I. Albrecht as a consultant/desperation feel to it...

Never the less, I hope it works out for us...

And what was the off-season, and pre-season for?
We knew that Steinhauer is leaving - did KA even interview ANY Defensive Coaches, or just decided to go with what he had?
All of this had to be done prior - saying 'now he has the coaches in place' ( all of them ) just doesn't cut it for me.
Fact is - we are 0-8 ( including pre-season ), & we have no clue how to win a game.
Folks will curse me, but I am just stating the facts.
The Eagle 8) 8) 8)

Your "just stating the facts", there your facts, other people have other facts. Time for the team to move on.

Prior to this week, people were screaming for change & now that they get it & it's not the change that "they" wanted, they're still not satisfied.

I for one was happy to read in one of the articles on 3downnation that some of the less experienced players founds Reinebold's defensive system too complicated & that Lolley is going to simplify it. That can only help our younger players. And, as universally liked as Reinebold seems to have been, if he was trying to make players fit his system rather than the other way around, that rarely works & may be partially why he was let go.

8)Wow "Welder", another great name from the past, good old J.I (the bird dog) Albrecht !! :slight_smile: