What the CFL needs...

Well, not needs, but would be nice...an NFL-films-like (slow motion, dramatic music, cool narration) highlight package of each week's games that could be shown on TSN or wherever. I think it would really build more interest in the game and highlight the players too before the next set of games. Each game would get 5 minutes of highlights a few intros and you have a nice 30 min show with commercials. :cowboy:


Too bad we couldn’t get Chris Berman’s 2 minute drill for the CFL…


But your right, we should hire NFL’s marketing staff.

They tried. CFL 30. Not as good as NFL Films, but they are the gold star standard in sports films, but it should have a regular weekly timeslot.

I'd be happy with a weekly injury roundup.

I find the 30 min CFL round table discussions on TSN a great show. Exposes the players and coaches like nothing before