What the Al's Need

The following IMO is what the Al's need. We cannot continue to deny what we do not have compared to the other CFL Teams:
1- Mobile QB who can pass
2- Big Receivers
3- RB that can catch
4- Bigger DLine
5- Bigger Linebackers
6- Needless to say - qualified Head Coach
7- OC

2007 Season is history. We have to rebuild.

1- Brady is mobile, got sacked 6 times. Calvillo threw for 400 yards, I don't know whats wrong with that?

2- Receivers are fine. Deslauriers and Thurmon are big, and Watkins is very quick, and Cahoon is very reliable.

3- How do we know Payton can't catch. When does Montreal ever use a screen pass?

4- There is something wrong here. You're right. No pressure at all. Another thing, their not disciplined at all.

5- I Think the Linebackers are good, were just missing a solid Middle Linebacker. Strickland and Ferri are very talented LBs. Hopefully Ferri comes back soon.

6- No Argument.

7- No Argument.

And finally, wrong! There's still 5 games left, and were still 2 games behind first in the East. Never say never!

Only valid claims you got are 6 and 7. The team itself is a good team the players are able to do well together. Poor coaching is what has done this team in all year and now it is starting to affect the defence as well.

Nothing made me more upset than the interview Popp gave at halftime (paraphrased to weed out the BS):

CBC: Your team is behind by quite a bit coach what adjustments do you plan to make in the second half

Popp: We dont need to make any adjustments we just need to keep doing what we were doing before but we need to do it right

That is our season in a nutshell why make changes when you can just do the same things that arent working over and over

Your right its impossible to risky at best to judge talent and effort under the current situation.