What teams qb will be the first to get pulled

Not because the QBs are bad, but because both are good, I say whoever is starting for BC. Short leashes because either guy can do the job.

Could be Calvillo if his O-line is as bad as it was last year, not really his fault though. Could be Crandell, but he should have the best O-line in the league to get time to find guys. Could be Burris if he gets one of those bad games he usually has a few of each year. Could be whoever starts for the Argo’s, not exactly a stellar O-line there either.

BC has a good one-two punch. :thup: :thup:

Id say once we get a really big lead, our starter will be pulled and the backup will get some time in! :wink: :wink:

I’ll second that!

That's an interesting knock - whatever the criticisms were/are of Crandell, I didn't think accuracy was one of them. In terms of pure passing, for as long as both were with the Riders, I thought Crandell was more accurate and threw a nicer ball than Joseph.

...in my opinion, he is a better passer, for sure, but Crandell doesn't find the holes as easily or run with as much power as Joseph can...

I think Ronnie Lancaster will get yanked!!

Crandell may be accurate, but he puts up a big number of picks. Hopefully, with the new scheme it will do the same for him as it did for Joseph last year, drop the number of picks down. The only way Crandell gets pulled is if the game is no longer in doubt. Which could happen more often this season.

But the first quarterback to get pulled is Anthony, followed by Burris, followed by Ray. Anthony as he is a year older, has a poor team in front of him. Burris just because they have Dave sitting in the wings. And Ray, because Danny M had good luck with his two quarterbacks the last time.

If Hamlton gets out to anothe bad start, Printers will be pulled, but I think Hamlton will have a good year. I think Henry will be pulled first now that the Stamps have Dickenson. If Crandell gets yanked then the Riders are in big trouble. I'd rather have me in at QB then Jyles. Kevin Glenn and Ricky Ray SHOULD be safe. I can't see AC getting no matter what. Buck Pierce could also be pulled if the Lions start slow, because BC has two good QBs (Pierce and Jackson). Kerry Joseph could also be pulled Michael Nishop is a pretty good backup to have.

Did I miss anybody?

You seem to keep convienently forgetting that Crandell has done something in his career that HB has yet to do-- lead his team to a GC championship.... :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

The receivers will need to learn to catch with their feet! lol

It looks like BC won that honor last night. Who would of thought that mind you two more games to go.

I win! :lol: