What teams qb will be the first to get pulled

I was going to make this a poll but not really sure how to do it, and we also dont know who will start in BC and Toronto. Base it on the time in the game cause they obviosly are on different times and days. For BAD play

Im going with Callvillo week 2 doesnt start 2nd half. Sorry buddy.

im sayin whoever starts for toronto and BC will be on short leash....buris could get the hook early too tho...hmmm....

im sayin official answer is BC....toronto will wait til they have no chance b4 makin the change, and same with calgary, whereas buono wont hesitate to make a change.

Henry Burris or whoever starts for the Lions-both will be on short leashes- it will depend on who cracks under pressure first.

Surprised no one has said Printers yet, considering everyone seems to hate him.

Jealous they don’t Have half his Talent Catsfan…

I wouldn't say everyone so much as i would say "Blin". I think people are hard on him based on like 6 games from last season. Which is dumb, cause let's face it, he didn't have anything to work with. And he had a nagging injurey. But i don't think that everyone hates them as much as they are scared about how he's going to masacre thier Defence's! :wink:

I never seen this post until now otherwise I would have said PRINTERS sooner.
As for masacring us.......... there are only 2-3 broken plays per game ....so that's about the only chance he has of doing any damage..... of course this is all mitigated by the 6 sacks he takes every game.

No doubt in my mind it is Crandell. After a few quarters of one hoppers a young guy will replace him.

I would not be surprised if the starter in both Toronto and BC is pulled in their first game with the backup coming in to play.

Sounds right.
The Als will have such a lead after the first half that Trestman will deside to give his backups some playing time and yank A.C.:wink:


I agree with the people who say either B.C. or Toronto. I'd put money on B.C.

Except I said for bad play. We all know whoever starts for the Lions will be the first to sit cause theyre up by so much, cause of that they will also be the first team to play their 3rd string for the back ups good play as well as.

Hey is half the Allouettes on the injured list I read that Payton and Imoh and Cahoon are all on the injury list. Will they play this week?

You can't make chicken Salad with Chicken Shiat :roll:

No they won't; neither will Thurmon

I think it is impossible to make a judgement here. Any qb could have a bad game any time. I'm going to say it will be any one of the 8 teams' starter.

Obviously, you know nothing about football, or you would know that most of the time (and I mean most), sacks are not the fault of the QB.

Let me guess... you didn't even watch or listen to the Toronto game. Rather, you watched the rather unflattering highlights on TSN, where they announced that Printers 'got sacked 3 times in the first quarter'...only showing Printers being sacked and not the factors in the play that lead up to his sack. When the OL tightened up, the sacks stopped.

Before you make judgments based on TSN highlights, do your homework and don't jump to conclusions.