What teams are going to miss the playoffs?

Coming up on the first 1/3 of the season. West is looking much stronger then the East. Who do you think will miss out?

At this point looks to me like




The other team will be the ...
Riders of course...
The nation keeps on forgetting about the CURSE.
It's all going to fall apart...
The wagon wheels will be rolling by the cart..

Montreal of Edmonton.

IIRC, 6/8 teams make it to the playoffs, so:

East: Hamilton

West: Calgary

ATM anyway, they just aren't getting it done.

My Esks, whom at least have moments of greatness alongside moments of major mistakes and turnovers, will probably be out after the first playoff game, which will likely not be a home game for them (Unless with Hamilton, they decide to step up the offensive scoring game and cut the mistakes)

Im going to go out on a limb and say the Argo's and Ticats both miss because of the crossover and all 4 west teams qualify.

I'd say T-Cats (unfortunately) and Eskimos (hopefully).

ticats and stamps

IMO, you really cant count any team out as of yet, but the Ti-cats are definitely behind the 8-ball. If Burris doesnt get the Stamps offence moving, then it could be that they miss as well. Its only 5 games in, we will get a better read on who might be on the outside looking in after Labour Day.

This early it could be extermely hard to pick. If Hamilton can come out of its funk, they could make things interesting particularily if they are able to win one or two from Western teams.

However, if most of their wins come in the east. We could very well see another cross over. With both Montreal and Hamilton losing out.

Should it be a team from the east and from west. Hamilton doesn't look good right now to make the play offs, but Montreal has looked strong either.

In the west, the picture seems to be a little clearer. If Saskatchewan can play the way they have shown they can play, they should be able to host a play-off game. This weeks game against BC will determine if they are as strong as they show. That would leave Calgary and Edmonton. Once again this weekends game will go along way to show which team has improved.

I am not 100% sure Edmonton has what it takes to go to the play-offs and Calgary like Saskatchewan seems to be plagued by inconsistancy.

So if there is a cross over Montreal and Hamilton out.

If no cross-over Hamilton (just because there are to many games to make up). And with a coin toss, I would say Edmonton.

I think Hamilton and Montreal. Either Edmonton,Calgary,or Saskatchewan will crossover.

My prediction by the way things are going now:

Yeah because we haven't made the playoffs once in the last five years. I forgot about the curse.

Oh wait . . . you are making things up that have no relevance or merit.

Oh wait I just read your post once more and I think you were trying to tell a joke.

Hamilton and Calgary.

Edmonton and Hamilton wont make it.

A Marty York exclusive: You heard it here 1st!!
Ottawa is going to be out of the playoffs!!!!

Riders from Saskatchewan Rule!!

Hamilton and Calgary.

Saskatchewan and Winnipeg

The two teams that have the least amount of points at the end of the season! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Hamilton and Toronto/Montreal will miss, and 4th place West team will cross-over.

I'm thinking a West Cross over. Hamilton and Toronto will miss the playoffs.

Everybody's seeing Hamilton out, I see that they are improving. If I remember this well, They had a good shot of winning the last 2 games.

But for the sake of it, Hamilton's chance for playoff is pretty slim.

Calgary is probably going to miss the playoffs too... or Montreal if they keep Popp!

I don't think there is going to be a West CO this year.