What Team Will "Throw" The Game?

Interesting scenario coming up in the final week of the season. Obviously the best way for Edmonton and Winnipeg to get to the Grey Cup would be to enter the playoffs as the cross-over team. Will Winnipeg go through the motions against Ottawa and end up with a loss thus forcing Edmonton to control their own destiny? If that happens would Edmonton "purposely" lose to the Argos so that they could be the cross-over team? Stay tuned.

And would it not be funny if they both throw the game....

And even funnier if they lost the Eastern Semi-Final

In final week, teams with incentive tend to play better. Winnipeg is the key in determining the future with a chance to host home playoff game and avoid a losing streak before entering playoffs. If Winnipeg wins, then BC should be motivated to beat Saskatchewan to clinch home playoff game. Of course, Edmonton prefers to crossover to weaker east division. Since Edmonton won season series, staying behind Winnipeg is smart. Upset victories by weaker opponents aren't uncommon in meaningless games. This may be the most probable scenario.

Others have suggested the same thing and even Climie on the panel.

I say , if any West team is going to coward down and think sneaking into the East is the way to the Cup, I have some words of wisdom to share.

" Be careful what you wish for , you just might get it "

Underestimate the the Cats and Reds . :lol: Might not be that easy.

Serious, think what message this would send players.

" guys, I have no confidence in your ability to beat the Lions or Stamps.
Therefore my brilliant of a plan is to tank so we take on those 2 East teams "

I say win every game you can to get your best place in the standings.
If a team is lacking confidence to face those in their division, they do not have what it takes to be champions anyway.

Lots of incentive for the Bombers. Ottawa will be resting all of their receivers and they have already lost Chris Williams:

Ottawa’s offence is unlikely to feature receivers Brad Sinopoli, Greg Ellingson and Ernest Jackson and more likely to feature practice squad members Joshua Stangby and John Harris and Jake Harty, who is coming off the six-game injured list
[url=http://www.ottawasun.com/2016/11/02/redblacks-expect-newcomer-cleyon-laing-to-be-in-lineup-friday]http://www.ottawasun.com/2016/11/02/red ... eup-friday[/url]

Winnipeg has a chance to host a playoff game while playing Ottawa's backup squad, and BC is playing an improving Riders squad that will also be playing for jobs next year. I've never known any pro level players that preferred to travel across the country if they can have a playoff game at home instead.

Its a real quandary for Wpg. - sure they'll be playing a diluted Ottawa squad but the bombers are also diluting their roster prior to the match - Gurley in for Denmark, Samuel Hurl in for Bass, Chuck Sungh & Bond being rested, etc.

I agree that Ottawa is basically resting all their better players while Winnipeg is resting just a few. Few others with long-term injuries like Macho Harris & Ian Wild.

Once Winnipeg puts up either a W or an L both BC and Edmonton will have determinations to make. BC;s is easy - they've already pre-sold most of their lower bowl - and a win might even open up the upper tarpings. Edmonton has the biggest choice if Winnipeg coughs up a loss. Keep Reilly miked up but on the sidelines and let the other two QBs work.

Toronto isn't much of a football team right now but they can win - if and only if the Esks go into the fetal position and play scrubs and have Maas think on his own.

Eskie's choice - push over a feeble Toronto squad and have to go into a hornet's next in Vancouver next week - OR - take a knee and go into another hornet's next in Hamilton - but a substantially lesser hornet's next!

Don't fool yourselves as I'm sure no Western team wants to crossover. Crossover teams have never done squat. Going through Hamilton and Ottawa with crazy loud drunk, pumped up fans won't be easy for a crossover team. I still think it'll be Calgary and either Hamilton or Ottawa out from the east.

hahahaha. Access-media with a google search gone south. hahaha.

Only two teams know one of them will be crossing over - Edmonton & Winnipeg.

Edmonton has the offensive firepower to put a stop to Hamilton's season. I'd put Esks at around 65% faves to knock out Hamilton.

If Wpg crosses - I'd favour Hamilton; by around the same 60 to 65%; wildcard is how well Collaros can dominate that measly Winnipeg secondary.

Out west - if Edmonton goes into Vancouver - I'd rate that game a virtual toss-up; BC's defense would have to hold Reilly down; if Winnipeg goes into BC I'd rate the Lions at around 75% favourites - despite Winnipeg beating them in the regular season.

The true wildcard this weekend is the tiny possibility Winnipeg's scrubs (still QB'd by their MVP candidate) topples the redblacks AND the lowly riders rise up and lay an unexpected lickin' on the Lions. An unforeseen outcome that will give the bombers a home gate - only problem is the bombers will have a horrid turnout as most fans are satisfied with their regular season performance improvement this season. They'll be able to announce the 19,000 seas. tkt holders plus the 3 or 4 thousand who brave Winnipeg's unpredictable elements, poor stadium location and iffy parking to attend. Of the 19k in season tickets only 10,000 might bother to attend making for a 2/3 empty stadium. In the end bombers might be better served playing their playoff match away from home! :cowboy: :cowboy:

This is like a pre-season game for Ottawa, they are putting all these guys on the 1-game injured list:
Henry Burris, Pruneau, Ernet Jackson, kicker Milo, Moses Madu, Tristan Jackson, Lattanzio, Ellingson, Criner, Brad Sinopoli, Evans, Moton Hopkins

I don't see the Bombers throwing their game, as they still have a real chance of hosting the WDSF. But if they do happen to lose (unlikely, given the Redblacks don't need the win and may be resting players), then the Eskimos have a decision to make - play to win for a chance to play the Lions in the WDSF in Vancouver, or "rest players" in order to cross over to the (probably?) easier route to the Grey Cup through the east.

It will definitely be interesting to see what Edmonton does if the Bombers lose.

The Lions also have the advantage of seeing what the Bombers do. If the Bombers lose, then they will probably rest players - not planning to lose, but not busting a gut (figuratively or literally) to win. If the Bombers win, however, the Lions will be playing to win to host the WDSF.

The Argos, Als, and Riders will be treating these games as the first week of pre-season, with players trying to show their coaches why they should be around next year. The Redblacks, as I said, will probably be resting players, as will the Ticats, although probably not as much given that many of their current starters are new and still need the reps.

Another area to consider.

This could also be a Grey Cup preview.

Ott should not go full throttle and give out their Plan A , just in case they face the Bombs one more time.

I would like to see Ott win and have a team in the East with a winning record, but there is a bigger picture at stake.

I would also wager that the fans would like to see this home win, but are more focused on just winning the East Final.

The Bombers have only one change on Offense this week, Gurley in and Denmark out.

[url=http://d3ham790trbkqy.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/sites/9/2016/11/Depth-at-Ottawa-Nov.-4.pdf]http://d3ham790trbkqy.cloudfront.net/wp ... Nov.-4.pdf[/url]

Ottawa has Jensen starting at QB and Van at RB, and all backup receivers. I thought they might start Harris but I think the reasoning is that, Jensen is used to playing with the backups in practice.

Bombers are also resting their #1 o-lineman, Travis Bond, that 6'6", 355 lb. character. He's been dominant on everything other than roll-out blocking.
Bombers will also limit reps taken by Andrew Harris and Matt Nichols - I suspect Harris might not see the 3rd quarter - Nichols will dog 'n grind it until the 4th - then they'll insert Dom Davis.

Bomber defense will be a veritable hobo-fest this weekend.

.....Yes the Bombers will be hobos this Fri. , playing the nobodies dressed as Redblacks...Who will come out on top in this slugfest????Most likely the hobos as they have the most to win/lose and they have a kicker....Expect to see some soft play for sure and each team watching out for injuries before the playoffs.......Score....Wpg. 6...Ottawa 3....in ot..One thing we will see in this game is a lot of auditions for next year.. :wink:

If Matty "Ice" can only must 6 pts. (via Medlock's hoof) in the half he's gonna play the bombers are in deep doo doo for their "all hands on board" playoff game next week.

Most bomber fans seem to lean playing Hamilton in the ESF - but bombers have absolutely NO CONTROL over where they play. Edmonton has control.

Bomber Hobos should beat R-Black Nobos by virtue of Nichols starting the match and playing at least a half... . . . but you never know!

I sure hope more teams play to win than some of you think. Games with playoff implications where multiple teams are obviously tanking would be an embarrassment. We don't want this to turn into the NHL, where fans actively cheer on their team to suck as hard as possible for draft lottery reasons.

At this point its really self-preservation, with limited CFL rosters - nobody wants a star or group of stars to get nicked and then have to dress hobos in a meaningful playoff game.

When you do the number-crunching bomber fortunes are daunting in either the WSF or ESF. They'll be visitors in any event but they actually do better on the road vs. IGF. They also took the season series from BC so BC has to be careful in disposing of yesterday's garbage (green riders) to preserve a healthy home gate.

The only skin bombers have in this weekend's matches is actually cheering for Edmonton to finish off the dying boatmen. . . . which would preserve bomber's #1 pick in the upcoming draft. If Edmonton & BC win while bombers lose - bombers also will get 6th overall (thus 1, 6 & 10; 3 juicy picks in the Top 10)

So, with the Bombers winning, the Eskimos are now officially the crossover team. So I'm assuming we'll be seeing a few backups playing against the Argos. Might just have to change my VGCC pick. On second thought, never mind. Eskimos will probably still win.

But now the pressure is on the Lions - they need to win (or tie) in order to host the WDSF. The thing is, the Riders aren't the pushovers that they were early in the season. I still see the Lions winning, but they're going to have to work for it.