What team(s) will be the second half surprise?

Can Wpg get on a roll?
Will Sask get it together?
Does BC fall apart?
Is Ott holding on to 1st?
What happens in Cowtown?
Are the Al's powerhouse day's over?
What bone or record does Allen break this year?
Up or Down for the Esk's?
Will the Ti-Cat's win one? :?

What do you think can happen, Sept, Oct & Nov is a whole new season. Ask the rookies from the warmer southern states.

look for the Bombers to start making a move...

could be big mid-season changes for the Riders...they are spinning thier wheels.

B.C. ...is looking pretty solid like everyone thought ...but can they keep it going.....probably if they stay healthy...and get a kicker...

Ottawa....big surprise so far....but then they were a big flash in the beginning last year....reality is going to start setting in shortly

Calgary.....looking like the Bombers now....could end up anywhere from third to last...

Montreal....will be lucky to finish first in the east by the look of them so far....they still can't figure out how they took such a kicking from the supposed basement dweller in the west....

T.O....if Allen stays healthy and they don't have anymore dust-ups between the players....then they could squeak out first place

Esks....look like a solid second in the west...

TI-Cats......might win one.....who would have thunk they could have another disastrous season like 03'....

Biggest disappointment has to be Hamilton. I don't know if they can turn it around. Winnipeg will win a few more but I don't know if they can overtake the Riders for forth. Winnipeg should split the Labour day / Banjo Bowl with the Riders.

As much as I'd love to cheer my Lions onto a perfect season, It won't happen. Commonwealth in Sept, Complacency against Ottawa, and a split with Montreal should give us our 3 losses.

Ottawa, if they can stay healthy, just might host the Eastern Semi final. I don't think they are good enough to take first place yet.

The reality with Ottawa is that they are proving what they can do when healthy, and if they can continue to be healthy, i can see them in one of the top two spots in the East. They aren't a big flash this year, they are for real.

I say the Riders will be a surprise in the second half regardless of what they do. If they continue to slide, diehard Rider fans will be surprised because of the success they were expected to have this season but never realized; if they start a winning trend, we’ll all be surprised that they managed to turn it around. . . :smiley:

one things for sure IF Hamilton does WIn it wont be against the Riders......... Whew!!!.
Ottawa will push Montreal for second, The Toronto "buy the grey cup" Argos should be able to acquire & hold first in the East.
BC will hold on to first with Edm trailing, Calgary I would say is odds on favorite to get 3rd ........Sask is a QB and a gaggle of injuries away from 3rd.... Winnipeg will need the series win against Sask to get outta the basement.
But what the hell do I know? :slight_smile:

Wow you have watched to many soaps on TV ha ha ha

I think that is a great assessment sportsmen.

Dentor I am glad you survied the attacks from a few Rider fans that did not like your opinion. Good post hang in there.

My take is after 8 weeks anything can happen and you know I am going to sit back and watch and not make any predictions. I do think Hamilton will win a few games they have been close you would think they were in a grenade contest.

ummm I dont think any rider fans attacked me since I am a Rider fan.... No biggy I misread a few things when I jumped on board here too....probably a little gun shy coming from the TSN sites..... Lol this place is Sunday school compared to the Rider Bashers on there.

I think it may have been on riderfans.com

Cats will get a win and the Leos will lose a game.

lol... based on how Allen usually cope with injuries, I'd say that he'll probably get his backbone snapped or his skull crushed, and then, he'll be back on the field after three weeks, two if an important game is coming up.

We can rebuild him
We can make him STRONGER FASTER

A couple thoughts. In the East Ottawa and Hamilton are both the biggest surprises of the season so far. I think Ottawa may tail off a little, but they will be fine because Hamilton will not push them for third.

In the West BC continues to run away with it. Edmonton will hang on to second, but not challenged only because the Stamps have not stepped and played to their potential and the Riders did not find a QB and then got decimated by injuries.


The Stamps are going to get rolling big time! But the Gades will handle them!!

And the Renegades won't falter in the second half of the season...

In the West BC is going to cool off and will be in a dog fight with Edm for first place, Stamps, Riders, Bombers will fight it out till the bitter end for third spot.

In the East Montreal will get on a roll and finish first, again, with the Argos hosting Ottawa who will also cool off, Hamilton will play the spoiler and pull a few upsets down the stretch.

The Riders because Casey printers is coming and Terrel owens should be here as well by next saturday :lol:

I thought the Riders had also agreed to terms with the Fluties.....now this is surprising.... :roll: