What team has the highest payrole in the league?

What are your thoughts? Who is on top? Who’s on the bottom? Who will be the sleeper teams? Anyone!

Right now I have to say Edmonton is on top with their $640,000 in QB salary, once they dump Khari Jones or trade Jason Maas, I don’t think they’ll be the top salaried team. I think Ottawa is at the bottom of the league in payroll, my pick for sleeper would be the BC Lions. I think Braley has given Buono the go-ahead to spend his money freely.

Those damned Roughriders are! They’re ruining it for the rest of us!!! :cry: :evil:

I definatley think Edmonton would be leading the league in payroll. Bottom would probably be Winnipeg and Ottawa. Saskatchewan, Calgary, BC would probably be mid-pack, maybe a little closer to the top.

what is funny is that even the bombers admit to breaking the cap. if the bombers do it everyone does. i suspect even poor old ottawa.

Like the current results of this limited poll, with the signing of RR, there is no question that Edmonton is at the top. Plus, they make a ton of $ every year and especially last year when they sold the AAA baseball team. Every team in the league was over the cap. It is something that is virtually impossible to police because every team has the infamous side deals with player(s). If honesty was involved, then granted a cap is necessary and something in the line of $5M would be ideal, plus I also think the current roster would need an increase by 3-5 players to get rid of the taxi squad.

I now nomminate this thread for one of the best of 2005 :smiley: :lol: :smiley: 8)

c’mon we all know it, the CFL doesnt have a cap anymore, its more of a guideline.

This is a no brainer: The Eskies!

Why not just go back to the 2004 season and ask the same question of the Toronto Argos. I would think they were in the top 3 in salary after signing John Avery to the contract that they did.

Was all that money worth it for the Argos? I think the Argos would say that it was because they probably would not have won the Grey Cup without Damon Allen and the championship should result in more ticket sales for this season.


The Esks are by far are the worst for ruining the future of the CFL
They are the New York Rangers of the CFL.
It is a must to: Establish and Enforce a salary cap.

Who voted for Montreal?
Who? Huh? Who? Show yourself!!!