What surpirsed you this year, and predict how season end

The things I didnt expect were BC 's Roorke to play as he did,
Amazing QB talent. The Redblacks I thought would battle it
out for first this year and the Riders not doing well with the
cup in their house this year.
As far as the cats go I didnt think they would do well
because they let Banks and Davis go to Toronto, and Aklin
go to ottawa. Couple that with injuries and you have
todays scenario . However I will predict the cats , will
beat the Riders , and Ottawa twice and the Riders will
lose their remaining games against Hamilton, Winnepeg,
and Calgary . I think if the cats can do it . this would put
the cats in the playoffs,
and with this east, anything could happen.
whats your opinion and prediction


I'm surprised that the majority of things I was predicting since last December have come true.

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This a downer sorry for the negativity maybe it was the stinker games this weekend ....

Surprise not a surprise ....

Calgary is still good . Winnipeg good . BC good with Rourke . Riders up and down . Edmonton is a work in progress .

The east even though this will anger Argo fans the east as a whole sucks .

How much everything seems to never change the same issues thru the league....

Finally not one but three Canadian QB's whoa yah ..... then

BOOM now no Canadian QB's all injured like a puff of smoke .

Not good with predictions ...

Toronto seems like it has horse shoes or four leaf clovers ... Riders if they get someone to take charge and kick some ass could make it their mission to get to play at home for the Cup .

Even though I want to see the Riders represent the east I see Toronto representing ...

Winnipeg over a very competent Calgary squad for the west .

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I'm surprised at the depths this front office has sunk to not improve this team from the obvious weaknesses of last year...

I'm surprised at how disinterested in winning year in/year out ownership in the East is...This has been an ongoing trend for a while, though...I probably shouldn't;t be surprised at that, though, looking at the history...

As far as how the season will end??? Toronto is a mediocre team that's taking advantage of a terribly weak East division this year. They'd have a losing record if they played in the West. However, they will probably "represent the East in the Grey Cup I a couple of months...

I don't see anyone beating Winnipeg, assuming nothing terrible happens to them...

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If the Argos get in the cup, it would not surprise me to see them win it, even against the bombers. They have some experienced players that can turn it up a notch and it could make the difference if their QB gets time to throw. I am not an argo fan , I hate them, but they do have the players, but can they put it all together against the best in the west?
I dont think so but it could happen. I m gonna live with my prediction of cats making it to playoffs.

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I'm not really buying he Argo's success so far this year. Most of their wins came against struggling teams like Cats, RBs and Riders. They don't have the horses to compete with the top teams in the West. Their only chance to win the Cup is if something flukey happened such as an injury to Collaros.

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I hope they dont even make it


I hate to break it to everyone, but unlike the cats, the Argos, once they are in the GC usually win....even against all odds against better teams.

I'm surprised Danny Macoca is coaching in the league and jumps up and down after a win just like he use to in early 2000s.
I think he's goofy, as Cats are useless this year, it would be nice to see Alouettes win it all. Would also help with Montreal's fan base. (In Toronto, Argos can go 20-0; nobody is gonna care...winning in TO is pointless....TO has long out grown the folksy CFL)


Agree with your Argo statement , they do show up with a Team every ten years…..
Riders hosting the GreyCup this year , they can still sneak into the crossover beating the Stamps twice in the next two games as these games stand to mean nothing in the standings once BC wins in Edmonton …..
Last game of the CFL schedule Riders in Calgary , will this game determine the crossover ? Maybe…..giving Riders 8 potential wins on the season…

It will if SSK wins this week and HAM loses one of their remaining games ....
or, if SSK loses this week and OTT wins both games vs. HAM.

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