What stadium do you wish your team had other than your own

I am an Argos fan, I would rather have New Mosaic or THF

BC place. While I have mixed feelings on football indoors, there are obvious perks to having an enclosed facility.

I really like Ottawa's stadium, in a nice area. I don't think i'll trade the new mosaic with any once it's done, however it would be nice if it was located in a better area.

...curious to know Dust, if you could wave a magic wand and make it so where would you locate Mosaic 2.0?

As a Tiger Cat fan i'd love if the team played home games in the "Maracanã Stadium" (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) ,and sold out every game. (78,000+ seats) . And I wouldn't locate it on the harbourfront. For neighbourhood improvement and, to make an LRT line on Main Street (or King St) relevant, I'd relocate it to Gage Park.

I'm still a fan of keeping it downtown, but there was a nice plot of land across Albert Street which is near quite a few restaurants and bars that would have been much nicer. It was where the old railyard was, which is partially why it wasn't used (due to environmental clean up costs). It would have been easily connected to downtown and a lot closer to restaurants/bars and hotels.

Beside the casino essentially? It would have been a solid location if they could have managed a deal

Rogers Centre.

I don’t think it’s necessary to say that I’m kidding so I won’t.

Please say it anyways :cowboy:

Other then THF? TD Place

It's gorgeous, mostly new stadium with some history to the building, in the downtown of their city around some nice bars, a roof and some private boxes, directly attached to their city's OHL arena and currently has a supported pro soccer franchise with fans that's aren't absurd purists like so many TFC fans and get along with the CFL franchise from what I can tell.

If the place had a spot to Tailgate and the neighbourhood wasn't the Glebe (of which I always think Westdale when I step into it) that had lawn and better parking, it would be perfect.

IGF in Winnipeg. I have been to IGF in Winnipeg to see the Stamps and like it a lot.

Also , because I go to BC Place on a regular basis, I am used to that one and would be happy with it.

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Geez, it's a 10 minute walk from downtown - it's in the perfect spot for parking, two block from the current Taylor Field. Come on!

Oh, and anyone who doesn't say new Mosaic Stadium is deluding themselves. It's pretty obviously going to be the class of the league.

Let's put it this way, how inclined would you be to leave your car withing a few blocks of the stadium?
Have you ever had someone cracked out randomly walk up to you prior to a game?
Where is the heart of the pubs for after social life after events?

I live in Vancouver, of course I’ve had cracked out people approach me, almost every day. Pubs? A whole ten minute walk away? A ten minute walk is nuthin’. Sure, the original location was good too, but really?

A 10 minute (more like 20 from the downtown core) walk may seem like nothing, but sadly it will effect businesses after the games. I suppose that is good and bad, because more people will spread out to different places.

I do get what you mean about the Glebe feeling like Westdale (dated girls at Carleton and Mac) but I have to say I kind of like those areas. It would be cool if THF had some more places for food and drink around it.

I've only been to THF, and BMO for a few rugby games. I like being outside, so I'll say IGF for now. I'd like to visit them all one day.

Of course. How could anyone not envy Saskatchewan fans? :roll:

Some of the businesses around there have either been on board the whole time or are coming around, but the neighborhood seems more into it now that those predicting the end of the world as they know it have been quieted. You'll see stored dress their front window mannequins in Redblacks gear, for example, and the Glebe BIA has become far more supportive, even going as far as to promote the team on social media.

As for parking don't forget there are 1,000 spots on site underground if you need on-site parking. Also thousands of available spots at Carleton University a free shuttles or you can walk it's only 20 minutes to walk to the parking area near Carleton.
I would say it's by far the best CFL stadium if you look not only at the sight lines, comfort, concessions, the views, the look of the stadium, the restaurants and bars next to the stadium, the bars and restaurants nearby on Bank St.