What side do you lean towards poll

What side do you lean towards poll

I usually lean on things with my right shoulder. :slight_smile:

From the player's side..gradually to the middle and then to the owner's side.

My biggest issue is the 'when' these talks started.
Why didn't either side get this going sooner and make a big stink if the other side wasn't willing?
Gotta lay blame on the owners on that one.

DeeBoy...why do you lay the blame for the delay on the owners? I'm not sure who delayed but the timeframe was short, too short.
I do find it bizarre that the union fired their leadership group one month ago having to restart with a whole team. Not defending the past group but introducing a whole new crew at this time is a recipe for failure imo. How's that even logical in any way?

The story around the water cooler is that Morreale and Cohon had agreed to play the upcoming season under the same deal while they worked out a new agreement. The team reps were ok with it provided the league entered in an agreement that the deal Moreale and Cohon would negotiate would include certain things. (probably some form of revenue sharing). At the 11th. hour when the union reps realized Morreale had not secured any such commitment letter from the league and the players would go into the season with no increase and no promise of any minimum milestone. They fired his arze. As they should have.

Could be. Lets not run off and go with that as a fact. But its an interesting opinion.

Both sides knew that this contract was expiring,so why in the hell would they wait till the last minute to start negiotating ?
These talks IMO should've started months ago,not days ago.Both sides are equally guilty of procrastination in this process.They remind me of a typical highschool student who is told they have a month to do a project,then wait until the night before it's due to start working on it.The question is What side do you lean towards ? My answer.....The fans side !!!! Just remember boys that without us buying the tickets and the beer and hotdogs and all the other little goodies that go with it,you would both be in big trouble.So suck it up and smartin up on both sides,give your heads a shake and go lock yourself in an hotel room,throw away the key and don't come out until you have an agreement :x

Yes, that was probably an unfair assumption on my part, especially now that I remember the TSN deal was being negotiated.
And that certainly had to be done, signed, sealed and delivered.

Nevertheless, this was started too late and both sides can share the blame on that.

I blame both sides and I warn both that if you think the CFL can walk away from any time lost due to labour issues undamaged, you are very much mistaken. Yes the NHL survives after walk-outs and strikes but this is not the NHL. The fact is that the CFL is not in the same kind of position as the other major sports and the CFL and the CFLPA cannot afford to lost any fans. There are still many fans that do not watch the NHL any more and although the NHL base is wide enough to survive, the CFL is not that wide a base that the players or the owners can afford to roll the dice on a stoppage.

No matter who is at fault, it is kind of like walking out in a crosswalk, knowing you are going to be run over but doing so anyways because you have the right of way. From the players perspective, any loss of games will result in people losing their jobs permanently. Even if you think that the players, the union, or the owners will care about the players who are sacrificed to make a point, history does not. There will be casualties of any job action and those casualties will see little if any thanks for being a "dead hero"

The TV deal was done more than year ago (http://www.cfl.ca/article/cfl-and-tsn-announce-new-broadcast-deal) and played no role in delaying the talks. It also meant that the CFL did not have the leverage that they might have had after Rogers won the 10-yr NHL contract; it will be interesting to see how things play out in then next deal.

But the change in CFLPA leadership, and related negotiating tactics, must have made negotiating impractical until that was resolved at the end of March.

I agree that blame falls on both sides, but the potential impact of games missed is a complete unknown. During the NHL lockouts, both times, fans predicted HUGE losses in attendance and viewership. There has been an impact, but nothing truly noticeable to the NHL. MLB was hurt by 1994 but that was in part/large part because fans were invested in the season and had that rug pulled out from under them. I am not saying there won't be an impact, just that the scope cannot be predicted.

Some great comments from Henry Burris - "This should have been sorted out last February"

[url=http://www.ottawasun.com/2014/05/30/redblacks-gott-everyone-wants-to-play-football]http://www.ottawasun.com/2014/05/30/red ... y-football[/url]

Well said...other leagues are simply not as gate driven as the CFL, and there are teams who have attendance woes already...the difference being that they can be propped up by a few million dollars unlike teams in other leagues where a few million dollars covers a middle of the pack player. Also, I was never a huge hockey fan, but still watched the odd game. This post season was the first time I have watched a game since the stoppage, and I know several that are similar in that note.

As for starting negotiations earlier as mentioned elsewhere...I am not entirely convinced that it would help. I think it would just waste more time and money because it seems like all too oft in various contract negotiations that the end goal is that both parties want to press work stoppage as leverage and both parties think that it will hurt the other side more so it gives them the upper hand. That said, with such drastically changed economics it probably should have come to the table somewhat earlier

The NHL fans lost were replace for the most part by new fans, I would question whether that would happen in the CFL. Lost fans will find other means of spending their sports/entertainment dollars.

If you don't think MLB was hurt by 1994, talk to a Montreal Expos fan.

Does it matter that that post was being negotiated last year also?

So, it does fall upon the shoulders of those who are pushing these talks into training camp. That's too bad, as it doesn't present those involved in a good light.

I blame myself.

I should have lived my life in such a way as to be in position to end this nonsense.

Its all my fault :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Try and not be too hard on yourself.
I blame it on the "nocebo effect", ie. negative expectations produce negative results.

But false negatives are buried, it's difficult if find the truth when it's buried and can't be revealed. :expressionless:

Everything worthwhile as a concept is about producing positive results, that's a given in true science as discovery, and when that doesn't happen, you know the likliehood is to bury it, maybe in a company report or some conference proceeding, so no one will find it. Of course. Only the smart and diligent sorts find the negative results, even if they can be found.

if the results produce what you are want, they are published as an easy-to-find article or someone's blog that is "out there" and "so important" . Of course. :wink:

Pretty accurate assessment, Sums it all up. At least I'm still going down the street to McMahon Sunday to meet the Stamps with a chorus of Boooos and "Go riders Go" when they come to the field for the first time, for my "welcome" to the 2014 Stamps. At least they're starting camp and going about business as if the season will start on time. I say $515,000 cap with future considerations if things go real well for the league during the term of the newly signed deal.