What should the CFL Cap Be?

What should the CFL cap be? Averaged over 5 years.

I'm thinking $5, maybe $5.2 million, with the minimum being 10% below the max. And then tied to revenue increase percentages. Revenue goes up by 10%, the salary cap goes up by 10%. If it goes down by 10%, the salary cap goes down by 10%.

yes...but by that model even +5% a year would equate to 5.45 mil average over 5 years starting at 5.00 in 2014. Starting at 5.2+ and adding 100k a year averages out into the next bracket as well.

love the pole idea...mighta been easier to ask what the 1st year cap should be

I wonder if the PA could take a lower amount of money but go for guarenteed contracts.... If coaches get guarenteed contracts, then why can't the players... MLB,NHL,NBA and even MLS players have guarenteed contracts... Why follow the NFL... If I was the CFLPA... I'd say OK you cheepos, you wanna pay your stadiums...we want to actually be able to set a yearly budget.

I think it should be a pop bottle cap

Is that what you have been collecting all of these years to only earn 15 dollars an hour your whole life....lol

And the problem with that is...? Can't remember what team revenues are, but I've seen the number $20 million thrown around, so I'll use that for lack of a better number. If revenues go up 10%, from $20 million to $22 million, that's a $2 million increase in revenue. You don't think that the teams could afford to spend $520 thousand of that on the players?

Well, so far the poll seems to be indicating that the league should make a minor concession and that the Union's proposal isn't realistic.

no problem...read the rest of my post...what I am getting at is that if one says say 5 - 5.4 mil that they are are saying 2014s should be like 4.8 to account for the average of the increases...and what would those increases be. I like the pole, just stating there is a lot of room for interpretation in it.

The second biggest.

The league has grown a lot, but hasn't some work to do. Give the players something back

$5M cap for the duration of the CBA with a $55K minimum salary.
no incremental increases year after year, as that puts the league in a bad spot next CBA negotiations.

There are incremental increases now...cant see that being taken away from many unions

the latest offer was $4.8M and increasing to $5.05M over 5 years.
if the league agrees to give them $5.05M from the start, then it should be that number for the duration and not include even more increases over the term of the contract, IMO.

asking for even more incremental increases is like asking to be paid in full upfront for a job then expecting to be paid again upon completion.

I see your point, but at the same time most given professions and places of employment have a cost of living increase annually and I have always viewed the seasonal cap upping as such. For example, 2012-2013 the cap went from 4.35 to 4.4 I believe...a 1.15% increase...below the inflation rate.

in my scenario, the players are getting that increase upfront in the form of a higher cap at the start of the term. they shouldn't get even more increases.

they can have $4.8M with increases to $5.05M over a 5-year span ( total of $24.55M )
$5.05M from the start with no increases ( total of $25.25M )

option 2 is the better deal.

Ah...gotchya. Would be a pretty sweet deal for anyone to get the final salary of a contract for its entire duration for sure. Really because there are no raises in that scenario it would be kinda like getting more than 5.05 in a sense...more up front. Sr vets would likely be high on voting for that if they only anticipate another year or 2 of play.

At this point the league will receive 25 million more dollars in TV revenue.
The players want profit sharing and the owners do not.
Neither side was/is well enough prepared at this time to iron out these kind of total numbers with such a late start with the negotiations.
Going into this contract for the length of the TV deal Sharing that 25 million additional dollars in TV revenue would be the only revenue that can be shared at this time as it is the only set in stone amount of $$$ that the league will be getting for sure.
Now if the players want to try getting back to a full revenue sharing CBA taking a shorter 3 year CBA term.
At that time having the books open to the CBA during every season the PA and Management will both be much more prepared to revisit sharing of other profits.

I don't think there should be a CAP unless the rest of the business is structured with cost controls. All its done is divert money that should have gone to the players and owners by inflating the coaching staffs and front office numbers and salaries. As a fan the CFL what I see on the field of play is increasingly moving from a players league to a coaching league, making the game less exciting.

If that was not enough to add insult to injury and justify these inflated expensive staffs, the owners go to the players and tell them they want longer work days and more flexibility in scheduling practices :lol:

Who are the losers ? The players, the fans and the owners. While a small group of 50 guys mostly Americans who could not find an equivalent coaching job in the NFL or NCAA live large and laugh all the way to the bank, probably mocking owners when they are among themselves. But yet lets talk about the players accepting stagnant wages and living conditions below inflation and currency value because they don't have a choice :roll:


Straying a bit off the current topic it is time for the CFL to look into profit sharing of the Grey Cup post the 2015 season or post until Hamilton and Ottawa get a chance to host under the old the host club gets all.
Having it a CFL run event will ensure that each team profits from the event each year instead of having to wait 10 years before getting a big chunk.
The profit would be based on the bottomg line of what each Grey Cup takes home in revenue after all costs have been taken into account.
The host city, not the host team should get the big windfall of $$$ that would be pumped into the economy.
From the Game Profit should include:
The pay for the winning and losing teams among the the cost to run a Grey Cup game.
League and host team organizing to get 2 shares each.
Each of the remaining teams to get one share.
That would be 12 shares.

Why don this?
The obvious is that not every team can host at this point in time.
Next will give each province and City govt incentive to set aside dollars for the city to host the game in which they city and province will see the pump of money into the economy which has been estimated in being in the number of over 100 million in the modern CFL era.

Vancouver, BC; as it is my understanding; have been able to secure Dollars to host the Grey Cup with very short notice which has enabled them to host 2 out of the last 4 GC.

I believe that 19 of the last 31 cups after 2014 will have been held in one of the three big metros which also happen to have enclosed veneus with the highest seating capacity.

Oh yes. I would agree 100%. Management has put into place a system to control players spending but for the front office and upper levels of the coaching staff have no boundries or guidelines.
Just over the past 2 seasons alone 2012 and 2013 I would love to see the amount of money that is being paid to fired GMs, coaches, etc. by either them just sitting out of coaching or what the cost of the buyout was so they can take another job.
Again a great point but the CFLPA was/is not prepared at his point to include all of that with a well though out plan because one they just got the info and 2 they just asked for it only a few months ago.
So Sharing the additional 25 million from the new TV deal 50-50 would be the fairest thing at his time.
A short 3 year CBA put in place and then after having the time, info, and right people in position for the CFLPA to make an offer in advance with solid numbers backing their thinking and reasoning.
Live and learn from this experience. The CFL has really never been in this position before so really no owners or players from the CBA have nay kind of experience working with this.
The exception would be the Stamps owners Flames LP who have done this with NHL and possibly any former NFL player who was part of an NFLPA team.