What should Santa bring the CFL?

I'll go with the obvious, he should deliver two new teams: one in Ottawa again (and yes call then the Rough Riders!) and one our east, Moncton seems a better option than Halifax, but I'd take the latter too.

I think I'd also ask for more grass fields.

Lastly, I'd ask for continued prosperity, the league seems as healthy as it's ever been!

more $$$.

A new Toronto media... I cant believe the Lions coming back from 0-5 wasn't even considered as a story of the year by TSN... Nobody in Canada even knows who Joe Paterno is.... Nobody in Canada watches the NBA....Yet these stories made it into the year end review....... RIDICULOUS.

I agree.

Its like on our cable we’re forced to have the BIG 10 channel. Like anybody cares?

Sorry, you can like it if you want, but like you’re sayin abotu Paterno and the NBA, nobody really cares in Canada about those things. WHat happens is some big wig from ESPN is in the studio and they want to show them how much they know about things other than hockey and canadian football, so in showing off they sell their souls to the united states of america. Don’t you love TSN? The Sellout Network.

The only thing I like is how they did a good job with the CFL, but in all reality this game should be on CTV or CBC. It would be a HUGE story if a CABLE network show OF ANY KIND AT ALL GOT HIGHER RATINGS THAN A NETWORK SHOW. Yet the CFL does it to the NFL in Canada EACH AND EVERY YEAR! Yet no attention is payed to it. WHat a jOKE!

Whats crazy is that the the percentage of people in Canada that even know anything about Pen State is less then 5 %... This is a purely American story from a forign country..... Why a Canadian news agency would have this would be as crazy if ESPN included the Lions Grey Cup victory on their list...

Alot of Big Ten grads in Canada?I dont understand why yall always compare the CFL to NFL....Just watch football and be glad we aint playing soccer!!!!

Much more TV dollars.
More teams.
More $ for Grey Cup naming rights.
More respect it deserves in Southern Ontario(see other threads).

agreed with points above, while also including:

-Network television inclusion/partnerships in new contract (i.e. CTV, CBC, Global etc)
-Additional American network/specialty channels (aside from NFL Network)
-Additional streaming distribution/content sites
-Additional merchandise distributors/retailers
-and a PR system for star CFL players

1: No team in Ottawa. Sorry to all the fans I mean no disrespect, but, a team has failed twice there, why go back again?

2: A team for Quebec. The natural rivalry it would create with Montreal and the money that would generate goes without saying.

3: All 'Field Turf" fields. Better than grass and Astro Turf. More comfy cozy and less injuries. 'nuff said :thup:

4: For the Canadian govt. to finally admit that the aliens from Roswell escaped and fled to Toronto and now control the media which is why they dis the CFL. Maybe once the truth is out, you fine citizens can eliminate them and get the media back to promoting all things Canadian :thup:

5: For the CFL to be back on broadcast TV. TSN's year end review and lack of respect for the very league they showcase tells me they have an underlying agenda and do not deserve to be involved with such a classy sports league.

Just my thoughts.

Seems to me Montreal had two goes at it; doing well on the third.
In essense go Ottawa :thup:… geo365 :thdn:

Ha,ha funny! Meanwhile Quebec is overlooked yet again? It’s time to give them their fair shot!

Just pointing out fact geo365; you’ve been posting longer than I have on here and your thoughts do deserve credit. A ten team league is the goal, however it won’t be soon enough.

A city and it's leaders and enough citizens has to have the motivation to want to be crowned the national football champions of Canada and have the honour of having the Grey Cup in their hands for a year. If they don't have this motivation then they don't deserve to be in the Canadian Football League.

The conversion or preferably the removal of the Toronto media.

All good points geo, especially that number 4!