What should Santa bring the Alouettes?


Any hoo I am really looking forward to seeing Troy Smith at the controls.

The hold up in the OC announcement could mean an NFL or NCAA coach.
Is there anyone in either that has good experience in coaching or playing in the CFL?

Well there's Tom Clements, but that would be the pipe dream to end all pipe dreams. . .

Speaking of kickers. Boris Bede and Havard Rugland are on the Als neg list...

Bede is in his 4th year of eligibility but is only 23 so he will be eligible for CIS next season.
one year in the states I think kept him from being a non import.
Looking at his stats he is a great punter for sure with 42 yard average and inside the 20 placement was also good according to his bio. His booming punts were noticed for sure during the 2012 playoffs
Laval does not attempt many FGs so it will be hard to judge that aspect he was 13-15 with a long of 44.

I hope he does the right thing at turn pro.

I guess he will not petition the CFL for non import status. Maybe he sees the NFL in his future?
He will draw much more NFL attention playing in the CFL than CIS ask Freddie.

Ragland and Bede would be an awesome combination.

Rugland as well seems to have lost his non import status do to the NFL training camp.

I know it is the rule but it seems to be breaking the spirit of the non import rule.
I am sure the Als won't sign two import kickers :?
Maybe the two should get an agent to petition the rule for an exception do to the very little training the two received outside of Canada.

Signing two would not seem out of the question, keeping two absolutely would be.

Have to admit, I find Rugland intriguing.

I also agree about the spirit versus the technicality of the non-import rule in terms of both of these guys. Rugland turns 30 next October, THIRTY!!! He is furthest thjing from an "import" non-candian since Mark Harris (1973 Als: Aussie footballer who could "boom" kickoffs with a straight on kicking style - square toed shoe for the youngsters - but never got the hang of placekicking).

I dont think the Als will be able to persuade him to leave his current job

I agree. When he was just a QB coach he might have considered the HC job as a stepping stone to an NFL HC, but now that he is OC that is a standard stream to that type of job. But there must be others, both former CFL players and former CFL coaches.

There would have to be. As I said perhaps that is what the hold up is for. waitng until the end of the NFL season, which is done, or playoffs should the coach be in the playoffs.
An NCAA coach former CFL QB in a bowl game

Santa could bring the owls a nice stocking stuffer in an experienced starting Canadian receiver. Have a hunch Forzani will be availble but is he recovered and healthy. Just time to stop cutting corners with Desluares. He does not even play special teams.

Forzani is a rich kid who' family is very well established in Calgary, his friends are there his life is there and he's been productive when healthy. I don't know why he would leave Calgary certainly won't be for an extra 20k. Of the entire list of FA he's probably the least likely to move :slight_smile:

I could see him going to Sask or Edmonton, maybe BC or the Peg but not down east, for the reasons you have stated.