What should Santa bring the Alouettes?

There are obvious choices that are getting lots of "play" in recent weeks, like a particular HC or a OC.

But I will go for a quality Canadian kicker who can handle all three roles well and at least one very well (trying not to be too greedy; all-star at all three would be the ideal).

Merry Christmas all.

They already got their first gift in re-signing Troy Smith. Next would be for Popp to move aside and give Noel Thorpe the HC position. Then phone Kyle Quinlan and ask if he’d like to come back. Then, and I feel bad saying it, would be for AC to announce his retirement. Finally, the for the QC government to announce a $500m renovation of the big Owe which would include a workable retractable roof and 40,000 seats with great sightlines.

A head coach not named Jim Popp
AC to get off the fence about his retirement
An offensive coordinator

:thup: :thup:

I like this one the best. If somehow they could mimic at least some of what was accomplished at BC Place This would change so much. Major events looking for a place and city in eastern Canada would be back in Montreal and not Toronto.
I think something with a 50K plus capacity with a set up similar to what BC does with MLS soccer games to ake it more intimate for a CFL game yet be able to unveil the upper levels for larger events, Grey Cups, Als Playoffs, Impact games with larger crowds, internation club soccer battles, National team games. etc.

A relatively attainable gift to our team would be to obtain, hopefully from the CIS, a dual punter and field goal kicker.

I cant see much more dual duty kickers anymore. Back when the rosters were in the 30's it was needed now that there are 20 canadians on the roster, better Canadian depth, and 3 DIs a seperate specialist to punt and to kick is where almost everyone is at.
You would think that management would have learned taking an all star Kicker who is a terrible punter and now has become unwanted in Montreal for either.

Tend to agree. A quality tri-kicker is ideal (don't forget kickoffs) but a pair is more realistic. Young Canadian football players should play their regular position but work on their kicking as well, be it punting placekicking and/or kickoffs. There is clearly a shortage, and it could be an alternative way to make a university/CFL team. Even a lineman could try kickoffs if they have a strong leg; go square-toe (LOL).

Midway through December 30th, wonder if there will be any coaching announcements before the New Year ?!

There won't be any coaching announcement until the NFL hiring season is over and Jim is done his through his job hunting season.

Tongue in cheek comment. :wink:

For the first time. I hope someone hires him, anybody ! please! and we can move on.

HfxTC, hard to argue that point. RedBlacks have their HC in place and surely preparing for the upcoming season.

Is Popp staying as HC? If yes, who is the OC?!
Given the O was the weak aspect of the Als this past season, one would think this would be a priority.
Hopefully it is.

Yup it may be just the start but with so many kcikers coming out of University and seeminly harder to replace a good place kicker. Although the Riders did use an import punter they had the roster of Canadian players that allowed them to do that.
Most likley if and import is used at one of the Kicking positions it would most likley be for place kicking duties.
In Winnipeg last training camp the kid from UBC had gone to a punting specific camp. Although he did not make it last year does not mean he will not improve and be better his second time around. Cameron also a punting specialist did not get the job in Winnipeg in his rookie season but a pretty good punting career at North Dakota and having his own personal coach in his father could also be an asset the second time around.
Grant Shaw in EDM has a booming leg and has shown to be a great punter but with the bouncing and head games for double duties on and off with the beard concentrating on punting could give him longevity in the CFL

Riders and Argos won the GC the last two years using import kickers... Its the second most important player on a football team is the punter IMO.

Can't disagree with that although Montreal did not share the same philosophy.
Thats why I am looking for a surge of Canadian puning specialists begining to arise

I never understood why a team would compromise their kicking game for the sake of ratio.

I think the Als may have learned there lesson about the kicking game. During the Trestman Grey Cup years the offense was the only thing focused on. Once year 4 came and they needed to replenish players and coaches for defense and special teams and Kicking I guess he thought it would just work itself out.
So although he adapted to the offensive part of the CFL as a HC did not see the importance in defense and ST and Kicking especially.
Everyone saw that Whyte could not punt

We won two Grey Cups with an import kicker. To me, kicking is the most important position on the team after QB. So you fill it with the best person you can find for the job. If that person is Canadian, great. But don't make it a Canadian just for ratio reasons.

Also, I'm not sure how many times cflsteve is going to post his usual line about Trestman not caring about defense during his time in Montreal before someone other than me calls him on it. Steve, you keep saying it and it's consistently wrong. Our defense in 2009 was one the league's best; in 2010, our D held SSK to 18 points in the Grey Cup game, including a game-sealing interception late in the fourth quarter by Billy Parker. Please stop spreading misinformation.

As I said Trestman inherited a lot of that defense and coaches that were part of that 3 year GC run in 2011 did not do such a great job with the defense. Just saying :wink:

As every head coach inherits a team. What's your point? He inherited a great set of offensive players too.

and coaches that were part of that 3 year GC run in 2011 did not do such a great job with the defense. Just saying :wink:
Sigh. And as I've pointed out about 100 times now, we had a catastrophic number of injuries both long-term and short-term in 2011. Very difficult to gauge a defense's caliber when your starting secondary is absolutely shredded by injury and you're reduced to playing the backup to the backup LB in the ESF. We had injuries at all positions from the first game of the season and it never stopped.

2012 wasn't great for the D, but that was simply a bad hire (Reinebold).

In short, your point about Trestman is completely lacking in evidence.