What should Ron Lancaster do now?

I'd like to see the team bring him in as a q.b coach.

I chose "QB coach" because that is as close to what he has indicated he would like to do: a guest coach/consultant that the team can bring in to work with QBs and receivers as needed.

The short answer: Ron should do whatever he wants to do that is in line with what the next head coach would be comfortable with. Ron's stated desire would be a big help, IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,

Vegas Laughinghard has set the odds at 2-5, he’ll be back into the broadcasting scene next year.

minimum bet - $25,000

The man has EARNED the right to do whatever he wants to do.

enjoy christmas with his family and worry about this afterwards

I sincerely hope he retires. He's finished!

At best, I'd allow him to come to training camp to give advice on quarterbacks only, but I would hope he doesn't convince the new coaches to stick with the starting QB, no matter what.

This aspect of Lancaster's personality is passe in the CFL. Ron is still living in the stone ages.

Right on, Rocky. My concern would be his meddling in the desire to move forward. The team needs a new philosophy without Ron sticking his nose in it. There’s no doubt that Marshall was constantly looking over his shoulder with Ron still in the organization. The new coach needs the free reins to make decisions.


I'd buy that autobiography the first day it comes out.