What should Rens fans do now?

This poll is for both Rens fans and fans of other CFL teams.

OK, I think it's pretty obvious this is a very sad day. Ive been spending the good part of the day reading the opinions of Ren's fans, and the range of emotion is really interesting. Some are sad, some are angry at the CFL, Wright, and of course the Gliebs. Some have said they will no longer follow the CFL. This has gotten me thinking as to what I would do if my beloved Eskies folded. I just can't turn my back on my favorite league, so I think I'd cry for about a month, then dust myself off and buy a jersey of my second favorite team and cheer them on, a nice yellow and black number with the name 'Maas' on the back. How would you guys handle it?

I tried to make "switch to following the NFL" the fourth option but it didn't show up for some reason.


Whoohoo thanks. We would maybe want the NFL switchers to remain anonymous on this site LOL

very sad…

Being that they have been dumped now twice… makes it all the more painfull for their faithful. Sad thing is that it will force many of the less then diehard fans leave for good. Will be hard to come back for a third run in the city.

Never, Ever will I switch to the NFL.
I’m listening to Tom Wright right now on the radio.

He says he wants to select the right ownership group this time. So they’re going to be very selective and realizes he may have lost the trust of some of the fans.
He says he talked to a lot of people (15 or 16 people or groups), and is entering a new phase in the search for new ownership. He’s going to go back and talk to them now that there is clarity for the new season.
He says that Bernie Glieberman didn’t want to fully fund the team any more and that the interviewers should talk to him. He says the League was better off to leave Glieberman behind.
They want the time to do things properly this time.
When asked if the League should bear some of the responsibilty for what happened he said yes, but in all fairness, he didn’t find out until Feb. that “Chuckles” wasn’t interested any more and it was too late for new ownership to happen in time for the new season. He says it was a timing issue to find new owners.
If Ottawa gets a team again next year, it will be the same type of expansion draft as last time, but with a few modifications to make them competitive. He thinks a “local” component is very important next time around. Good luck on that one.
He remains optimistic that there will be a team here in 1 or 2 years.
Dam, am I falling into the "hopeful " trap again??
The loss of Ottawa will result in a 700k broadcasting loss for the League.
If there will be a team in 2007, the announcement will probably come by Grey Cup Week.
I just might stick around after all. What the hell is another year out of my life.

They should ignore the Senators like they did to the Rough Riders and the Renegades ... Ottawa is the city professional sports franchises goto, to die in peace.



Hey sporty you must be pretty bummed about TD atlantic hey? That twist of fate, It sucks pretty hard. Perhaps the CFL should have picked another team in the first place?

just a little.



im never supporting the cfl again, ottawa has to start all over if they find a new owner. i perfectly happy with the senators and the 67's its bull that the league can find the funds to take control of the argonauts and the tiger-cats but once ottawa needs help it's "better for the league" to fold them and **** the fans that have been loyal. **** the cfl

.....the fans have been loyal?......maybe 10,000 of them, too bad it takes twice that to run a franchise........and one more time: the situation in taking over the argos/ticats is comepltely different than this situation.....they are not comparable.....

…And if the Sens never found Melnyk and the Ren’s were rocking your name would be RENS4EVER

I just want to watch good football. If the CFL comes back in Ottawa, I’ll be there. But till then, I’ll watch the NFL or CIS or College football instead of the CFL. We’ve been screwed, and I don’t like it. Hopefully the league learned its lesson, and maybe we’ll be back with some good owners!

By the way RedandWhite, if your team had losing records for over 20 years, I doubt they’d still be around as well!

I also know there are a lot of local people here that could afford the football team due to the tech sector. Guys like Copeland… I’m not saying he should be majority owner, but if a bunch of them could split and find a good majority owner, then we could have good ownership. Just a thought.

and im sure calgary fans would still be showing up if they had to put up with a pathetic team since 1979. hey that could be the motto for the team if it ever comes back “we’ve ****ed fans and made a mockery of the game since 1979”.

Newsflash....the Stamps sucked in the 80's and for most of the '00's...that's almost 15 years of right there. Sask has only won 2 (!!) GC's in a 9 team league yet their fans still come out. Had Frank Clair been drawing 30K the past few seasons they would not be in this position right now pure and simple.

HELLO. Anyone heard of the Saskatchewan Roughriders?? We have won the cup TWICE in a 9 team league, yet for some reason we are still here, and we still go to the games.

Go cry somewhere else, and then once you realize that it was not the CFL's fault that people didn't come to the games, you will be welcomed back.

i problems with ppl like that,they jump on the band wagon then if there terrible they jump off

Another inaccuracy this @$$clown made, regarding “our team has sucked since 1979”. Ummm, if memory serves me right, the “Eastern Riders” made it to the GC in '81? If you’re going to make an erroneous statement about your team’s infidelity, at least get your years straight. :lol:

The league did prop up the Rough Riders years ago. How many times does the CFL have to pay the bills for a failed team in a city that has repeatedly shown indifference toward the league?

Though there are a lot of good fans in Ottawa, the majority of people there didn’t want the CFL…and now they’ve got their wish. If you must blame someone, blame them. Don’t blame the CFL for not forcing something down the throats of people who don’t want it.