what should i do with my KJ jersey

sell it on ebay while it might still be worth something before the Argos have a losing season this year

Two choices. And only two in my mind.
Keep it. And wear it.
KJ won us a Grey Cup, was league MVP, and if he was your favourite player, nothing about this should change that.
Keep it.
But put it away for this year, maybe even wait until KJ retires.
Then, bring it out and wear it with pride.
The only issue I see here is maybe you won't want to wear it while he is playing for another team.
But once he is in the Plaza of Honour, why wouldn't you wear it?

KJ was/is a class act, he played his tail off for us, and won us a championship.
Makes wearing his jersey AOK in my book!!

Exactly! My Grandson has a signed Dave Dickenson jersey.....He still wears it!


I have over 20 jerseys. About half of the players arent on the teams anymor,e but I still got them.

That's funny. :lol:

What the hell is he doing wearing a signed jersey?!?!?! :o

I'd keep the jersey. Like others have pointed out, you can easily hang it in the closet for now and just bring it out later.

He's a 14 year old kid! Why not wear a signed jersey to show off?

i have an autographed tony miles jersey ( argos ), and i wore it to games.....not gonna wear it any more tho.

jerseys im considering for this year:

byron parker
kerry joseph

hopefuly which ever one i decide to buy, i can get autographed at training camp.

Byron Parker! Sick ass player! I really wanted him in the KJ trade :frowning:

Um, Send it to me.

i had a buris jersy untill the riders rolled into calgry for playoff game,,,
lit the jersy on fire just before kickoff and the rest as they say is history...
so i would wait till we play the agp befoe u get rid of it

Geez. Wear the Jersey. KJ is huge part of one of the best memories in Rider history. How on earth is this even a question?

Dye it blue.. next question :o