what should i do with my KJ jersey

I got it for christmas.. After he carried the Riders on his back he began my fav pplayer on the Riders. Should i burn it, throw it in the garbage, put an X through his name on the back, or just keep wearing it?


go riders
bye KJ

Keep it. Why is this even a question?

Get a can of blue spraypaint.

tell who ever gave it to you that they should have waited until March 5 to get the jersey cause im pretty sure that there around 50% off in jersey city, then you could've gotten a even BIGGER gift!

lol.... and maybe I should get a terrell owens eagles jersey(NOT! GO EAGLES, AND RIDERS)

Wait a month and you can pair it with your McNabb Eggles jersey....

lollololololololol!!!!!! that is awesome omg!!! i already have a McNabb, Westbrook, and Dawkins jersey!!!!

go eagles!!!!!!!

he means he thinks Mcnabb is gonna get traded like KJ.....................

[quote=“chris101”]he means he thinks Mcnabb is gonna get traded like KJ…

I know! its funny because I think he will get traded too!

is it the retro jersey?

personally, id keep it, cuz KJ is now a rider legend 4 ever, regardless if he never plays for them again.

[quote="drummer_god"]is it the retro jersey?

No it is their road white jersey

you better check and see if there is a receipt kicking around and take it back for a green BLANK one! You should even get some of your money back too cause the named ones even cost more!

Wear it! Joseph won the Grey Cup as a Rider and played very well, it’s not like he went against his word and we the fans should hate him.

KJ's a Christian...maybe God told him to move to Hogtown.

nothing heavenly about hogtown. the smog maybe, the murders?, definately not the leafs.

What should I do with my Fred Perry Jersey?

I won it at a bar this past year. It is the Green Retro Jersey. Looks sweet, but I feel stupid wearing the name of a guy who isn’t on the team.

I have no problem wearing my Bill Baker jersey, even though he bolted for more money.

Players change teams. Wear your sweater with pride.

Lots of athletes have their superstitions…

put the jesey away, then break it out in 5 or 10 years and it will be a classic...

like if i were to pull out an old oilers jersey with gretzkys name on it now...wouldnt be foolish lookin now, it would be classic.

So you're thinkin' his lucky underwear told him to move to Hogtown?

Equally probable, I suppose.