What shall we do with a bye week?

Thank god for another bye time for some changes heres my thoughts whats yours??
1 ASAP get rid of Condell

2 find a vet qb to help the other qbs
3change up the offensive playbook

5 All of the above and Fire the 0-line coach

Gable and Lefevere need time to heal.

Let Condell play QB at a full contact practice for at least a quarter.
Alternately use him as a blocking dummy for the O line. Bet they'd love that.

As you can tell I think the man is in over his head.

I'm in on the change at OC, with Condell's dismissal. We don't stick with what is working, we continue with what isn't.

We never run the ball, which puts more pressure on the O-Line, as the opposing defences can "bring the house" the majority of the game. No team respects our offence, because of it's predictability. The easiest two weeks of defensive preparation is the weeks the other 8 teams face us.

We will need to get our injured players back ASAP. Good thing the East is terrible, or we'd be out of this thing already.

I, for one, will not be frustrated at the end of a Ticat game. I'm thinking that this may be very therapeutic. :smiley:

  1. Airlift in a DE who can actually rush the QB effectively.
  2. Find a C who can snap the ball properly (goodbye Filer).
  3. Inject some of Khan’s blood into Dyakowski, Collaros, Gable, Bowman, Wojt, Figueroa, etc to heal them up.
  4. Teach the O-line how to run-block, and our receivers how to get open.

I think that’s about it…