What shall we call this new league?

Let's set aside the conversation on rules, ratios, etc. and have a little fun coming up with names for this new CFL-XFL adventure. Whether it's a full blown merger or a partial interleague schedule, there's a great opportunity for a new brand to emerge.

Ideas that come to mind...

Major League Football
World Football League or World League
Global Gridiron Football
Gridiron Football International
North American Football League

As an aside, I wonder if the model we will see is a new umbrella league with the CFL and the XFL existing as separate entities underneath it? Think the structure of junior hockey.

We The One

Take-off on We The North of course. :grinning:

Just for fun .

#1 Canadian Rules Football Union or CRFU. always fun to have a FU

#2 United Football Federation or UFF

#3 North American Football Association or NAFA

#4 Three Down Football League TDFL

#5 Championship Football Association CFA

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I'm leaning towards an umbrella organization which the 2 leagues are under. Junior hockey like.

AGF - Alliance of Gridiron Football.

If the XFL people agree to 3 downs - 3FL for something different. The existing 2 leagues get relabeled CFC and XFC


What does the "C" stand for exactly in each of the re-labeled names of the leagues? I like your idea of an umbrella organization for a new gridiron alliance.

Continental Football League, thus CFL gets to keep the CFL acronym, plus it is the CFL label/brand that carries the credibility and value.

Interesting article on the merge potential and interesting points to consider.

“If all the teams seem to be onboard with exploring it, even though it represents a lot of risk, what does that tell you about the risk associated with the status quo? That tells me there is a lot of risk associated with the status quo.”

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The C stands of conference. Though if it's not a full merger, I guess they could stay league.

Though if more global leagues join and create more conferences, keep the 'FC' at the end and I look forward to Kazakhstan's entry :slight_smile:


Only if it is played in soccer-specific stadia in the US (Canada's stadia are more than adequate).

The temptation would be too big to not make jokes about the acronym we use to describe beautiful middle aged women.

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I believe major league football is trade marked .

I do like the idea that the league needs a moniker that eludes it's the top level for it's sport . The C in the CFL eluded this is the top league in Canada .

Dominion .....Premier .... Supreme .... Superior ..... Ultimate ....Champions ..... Major ..... National ....International ...... Name of country or province ....all add to being an exclusive top tier level for that sport .

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Continental Football League - CFL
Should be a no brainer and as ZuluMoose pointed out, the acronym remains the same.

When the seminal CFLUSA expansion was announced in 1993, I had initially thought the league name should have changed to Continental Football League as it seemed like an uphill battle selling tickets/merch in the U.S. using the Canadian Football League moniker.

One thing is certain though and that is I am not fond of integrating both monikers in any way such as XCFL, CFXL, XLCF, XFLCFL, or anything remotely similar.

International Football League as a second choice perhaps.


:rofl: This is hilarious and will be a running joke for awhile I suppose when some refer to it as the MLF league without pronouncing each letter.

Ah, it's like going back to the 2008 or so with the prevailing trend of the time for years.

Those years were fun aside from the Great Recession, but for me, well, no I am not interested in repeating them aside from this running joke.

Great observation sir!

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