What SFU needs too do to compete in Ncaa

They need to hire Milt Stegal as a head coach and build a 45,000 to 55,000 seat stadium.I read they have 28,000 students a Milt Stegal hire is a big name in Canada.That will help in recruiting players in Canada and since he from Ohio a football hotbed he might get some players.I See this school in divsion 1 in 5 to 10 years.I think they will have the lead interms of schools like LAVAL who should jump.

Are they in NCAA this year or next?

They can barely compete in Canada West, can't see them doing that great.

I have a better idea, NO Canadian school goes to the NCAA (those they have jumped come back in), they all stay in the CIS or that other college league. Canadian football at the way!

is it at all possible that since people all seem to love the NCAA that the CIS, with the exception of the type of football, number of schools, and their football standings, just reform and do what the NCAA does?

Sandusky, they have that Stadium, its called BC Place. Hate to admit it, but when it comes to High School or College Football, Canadians don't have the passion that Americans do. Just across the border in Blaine Washington, they draw more fans to a High School game than SFU could even dream of.

Just wait until those powerhouses from Lewis County, or Walla Walla Washington pummel SFU each night. SFU started to rebuild nicely under Coach Johnson. Too bad it will be all for not when those SMALL American colleges "eat them up".