What sections do Rider Fans sit in Calgary?

I know almost 50 percent of the fans at a Roughriders - Stampeders game are Rider Fans (in Calgary)... but we would like to be in a block of other rider fans... We are planning on attending the August 2nd game... any suggestions where to sit?


It's not 50%, it's probably 10-15% at most, but basically it's the 4 corners of the stadium having been there for a few games.

I have been a Stamps season ticket holder for 10 years. Dust is correct. The corners are where a good portion of the Rider fans sit. Section ‘M’ is on the sunny side corner.

There is also a ball diamond on the grounds too. Prior to the game, all the Rider fans meet there for a pre-game party. You should definately go down early and check it out.
I hope you enjoy the game!

Yep, stick in the corners, you'll be good.

I love attending Rider games in Calgary, Calgary is an awesome city and lots to do pre and post games. You always leave Calgary broke and drinking lots of water the next day. The best part is being able to wear Rider Green and running into people everywhere giving you thumbs up and telling you where they lived in Sask. Mini-Vegas baby!

Yeah they had a huge pregame tailgate party at Calgary Vipers stadium last time I was there for a game, I believe it was the West semi in 2006. Fantastic atmosphere and a great place to hang out for a few hours prior to kickoff.